Simple weekly meal planning to get out of the dreaded dinner rut~

get out of your dinner rut with weekly meal planning

Weekly meal planning seems to big the biggest hurdle in our home. I used to LOVE cooking and baking because I was totally in my element.

But after 25ish years of a daily routine, these days I find I tend to prefer takeout a bit too much ~

Many days I need to get my mindset in check. Sometimes, easier said than done. However, when I choose to look at providing nourishment for the family as a blessing, rather than a burden, things are much more manageable.

Lessons learned from twenty years of weekly meal planning~


Your family does NOT care that you spent hours planning and prepping. They only want to fill their bellies with food that tastes good.

Yes- they do appreciate your efforts, but why not save yourself time when the end results are the same?

Find the system that meshes with your family and stick with it! You'll save money, time, and be able to ENJOY your meal times and the memories made!

I used to have a month's worth of meals planned out at a time. I've become a bit more lazy relaxed and have changed my strategy.

Now, we use a new (to us) meal planning system of sorts.

It's easy. Weekly, each day has a different theme that we rotate our recipes through accordingly.

Do we follow it perfectly? Nope. But at least there is a game plan.

simplify your weekly meal planning

Often, meal planning is overwhelming~ because there are SO. MANY. CHOICES!

Our bombarded brains become overloaded because they must make yet MORE decisions, on top of everything else during the day.

By limiting your evening meal to a specific theme, options become simplified, and your brain has one less choice to make.

By using a theme night, instead of pouring over one gazillion recipes, you've narrowed down the field to just one type of choice.

Here are the themes we use:

     Monday:   Summer- Salad/Sandwich, Winter- Soup/Sandwich

     Tuesday:   we live in Texas~ duh, it's Taco Tuesday!

     Wednesday:   Pasta

     Thursday:   Casserole

     Friday:   PIZZA!

     Saturday:   leftovers, or Take Out

     Sunday:   Crock Pot Meal (with extra meat to be used for lunches for the following week)

Weekly meal plan made easy with theme nights!

The possibilities are endless!

Find your family's favorites~

Here are more options to choose from~ 

  •  Mexican  (tacos, rice bakes, enchiladas, burritos, fajitas)
  •  Chinese Take-out  (look up a Chinese restaurant menu for ideas) 
  •  Italian  (pasta of any kind, sausages, focaccia breads)
  •  TexMex 
  •  Thai
  •  Fiesta Night 
  •  Greek Night 
  •  Stir-Fry  (great for using up veggies and leftover meats)
  •  Instant Pot Evening  (the sky's the limit!)
  •  Healthfood Spa Fare  (superfood salads, soups, flatbread pizzas, smoothies)
  •  All American  
  •  Ball Park goodies  (nachos, burgers, dogs, sausage)
  •  Snack night   (h'orderves, finger foods)
  •  Grill Night 
  •  Holiday Dinner (why make your favorites only once a year?)
  •  Breakfast for Dinner
  •  Meatless Monday 
  •  Meatball Monday   (turkey meatballs, veggie meatballs, meatball sliders)
  •  Fishy Friday
  *  Meat and Tators   (any meat, any form of potatoes)

Need a weekly meal planning printable to simplify even more? Coming soon, I promise!

By sticking to a theme and keeping your top 5 or so recipes in rotation, you'll save money and time shopping because you'll be able to stock up on ingredients when they're on sale.

AND- BONUS! You'll save time not having to answer that dreaded question~ Mommmmm- what's for dinner????  The family will already know what to expect when they get used to the theme of the evening :)

No matter what meal planning hurdles you may have, remember what's important~ the time your family spends sharing their lives around the table is irreplaceable. Every ounce of effort in planning is worth it!

If you're struggling to get your family on track to home organization that works for your needs or struggling with home management, don't hesitate to ask any questions!

I'm also providing home organization needs by working as a Grapevine, TX, Professional Home Organizer. Contact me for local services~ I'd love to help you!

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