Five summer organizing tips to be the best you can be~

summer organizing tips~ begin with YOU!

These are the summer organizing tips you need for the best summer ever~ in all aspects of your life!

IT'S SUMMER!!!! We often have lofty goals for our summer break.

Usually, our goals center around creating efficiency in our homes, which entails organizing something~ but first leads to another must-do project  and another... and another... BEFORE we can even get to the original plan.

And it's at this point we become overwhelmed. But~ the story doesn't have to end here! The following steps can get you on the way to accomplishing your goals!

Organization encompasses so very much.

Unfortunately, putting just one pile of clothes away won't solve all the chaos in your life. Sure, it ABSOLUTELY helps to be neat, but true organization is something of a holistic nature.

If you're struggling with accomplishing your goals this summer, use these tips to approach your time from a holistic view.

step by step, you can have the best-organized summer ever!

Here are our top five, somewhat unusual, SUMMER ORGANIZING TIPS!

Let's begin with...

1.   YOU!

Take care of yourself FIRST. Remember, we are taught to put on our oxygen masks before helping others. Summer organization, and any organization for that matter, starts with YOU!

Summer is a time for many things. Sleeping-in, project completion, housework catch-up, vacations~ It's also the perfect time for reflection!

When we are overwhelmed in life, and functioning in a brain-fog, molehills become mountains. Sometimes we don't realize just how poorly our bodies are performing- or not performing.

Are you at the top of your game? 

Traditionally we make New Year's Resolutions on January 1. Why not instead take this summer to reflect on the ways you'd like to improveYOU

Maybe better meal planning, increased physical activity, more hydration, or improved sleep would be in order? NOW is the perfect time to make needed changes~ 

When YOU are functioning at your absolute best- home organization and an organized family way of life, naturally fall into place!


If your home organization or lack thereof is overwhelming you, start here!

Clear. The. Clutter. 

THIS is the foundational building block everything else stands upon~ you can't get organized if you're out of space. It's hard to complete any home projects when you are tripping over everything in your way. Start with a fresh slate!

It's time to grab some boxes and bags and make some donations. If you don't do anything else this summer, but clear things out, you'll start your fall season up and running!

Summer is the perfect time to clean out excess clothing, toys, items the children have outgrown, and anything unused! 

Have anything of value? You might be surprised~ check out the new tech-world apps and sell some items. Decluttr .  com is a great start. Search their site to see the value of your item, ship it to them, and get paid—no waiting for someone to make an offer or meet you for item exchange.

Is decluttering an area of your life that is a struggle? If you're having trouble letting go~ maybe these thoughts will help.


It's so easy to find twenty home projects that need to be completed. You have multiple closets that need to be cleaned out and, well, too many overflowing drawers to count. Then there are the larger projects like the bedroom that needs to be painted~

And now you're so overwhelmed, you simply give up and head out to visit Ben and Jerry.

We've all been there. This summer organizing tip is to remember how to eat the elephant. One bite at a time~

PICK just ONE project to focus on and complete it well. Immerse yourself in the journey, and when you've accomplished your goal, you'll be motivated to move on, should you desire.

If you only accomplished the cleaning of one closet- YAY YOU! You've accomplished something and are one step closer to devouring the elephant!


Summer is a GREAT time to get a jump on fall and winter.

Ever had to run yourself ragged two days before the first day of school? It's not fun.

After you've relaxed for a few weeks and cleared out your brain cobwebs, take some time to clean out the backpacks. Take stock of the school supplies you have on hand, and make a list of what needs to be purchased. 

If your family struggles with staying organized during the school year, a little pre-thought in the summer can save heaps of stress later on in the year. NOW is the time to prepare by creating that central school-work place in your home, with essential supplies conveniently located.

If circumstances allow, this is also an excellent time to make winter holiday travel plans. Why not have an idea in your mind how you'd like to spend your fall and winter? Families function better when they know what to expect and can make any necessary preparations in a timely manner. 

And now for the most important of our summer organizing tips~

5.   GRACE!

Lastly, on our summer organizing tips list, is not to be so hard on yourself. You could argue this has nothing to do with organizing. Not so~ when you are in a better place, so your family returns the positivity back. This tip has everything to do with the mindset you need to get your home in order.

Grace. Give yourself grace. 

sometimes ya gotta take time to smell the flowers!

Home Organization is indeed vital for a properly functioning home. BUT-

As someone who can now reflect over the past twenty years, I actually wish I hadn't worried so much about my perfectly organized house. I wish I had spent more time blowing bubbles, making ice cream, reading a book... 

The memories you make with your children, and the bonds you build REALLY ARE the most important things in life. Don't be so hard on yourself!

Maybe you were expecting to see the traditional summer organizing tips like how to organize your bedroom, or how to organize your home this summer. Yes, of course, those are GREAT goals to fulfill~ and you WILL, one step at a time! For now, let's focus on our summer months and let things fall into place.

My hope is that you will take time to relax during this season of your year~ I pray you'll take these tips to heart and rediscover the things that will matter twenty years from now!

Blessings to you!

Need more personal summer organizing tips?  If you have questions or are looking for personal help~ contact me!

Also serving as a Grapevine, TX professional organizer, and in surrounding cities~ don't hesitate to reach out!

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