Refrigerator Organization that puts an END to those icky, rotten monsters lurking in the dark corners!

What's LURKING in your fridge?

Is your refrigerator Organization in need of some help?

We've all been there! It's time for dinner, and you open the fridge doors to a jumbled mess.

You can't find the ingredients you need and are afraid some items may attack you with their rottenness. Forget finding anything fresh or healthy!


Investing some time to solve your refrigerator dilemmas is just what you need to bring order to your kitchen, AND as a BONUS, INSPIRE you to make healthier food choices in the process!

Take a couple of hours today and make changes!



I don't mean take a rag and wipe off the shelves

CLEAN. OUT. YOUR. FRIDGE!  REMOVE EVERYTHING from the unit. EVERYTHING! OF course, this is easiest when your fridge is almost empty.

Take out the shelves, drawers, and any removable hardware.  Be prepared for lots of yucking findings- it is amazing what lurks in those nooks and crannies!  

If the drawers and shelving units are too large for your sink, consider taking them outside by a hose or use a bathtub for rinsing. It also helps to line the floors with a bath towel or two to absorb extra water from washing.

Clean, clean, clean. Grab yourself a bucket of dawn dish soap with a drop of bleach or a vinegar solution with baking soda to remove odors and scrub away. Magic Erasers are EXCELLENT for removing any scratches or smudges and will make everything look brand new. 

Thoroughly dry and return all of the pieces, adjusting shelving as needed to accommodate your items better.


Do NOT return anything to your refrigerator just yet. It's time to get an overview of your items and create the space that is best accommodating.

Refrigerator organization is most efficient when you have enough space for everything. If you keep EVERYTHING you AREN'T using, your storage space is going to fill up too quickly.

If the date on the package is expired, DISCARD it!  If you haven't used the food item in what seems like forever, SEND IT TO THE TRASH BIN!

Do you need five bottles of salad dressing? Probably not. Narrow them down to one or two family favorites. 


Refrigerator organization works best when healthy choices are EASILY accessible, front and center, and ready to grab. 

The food items you use the most work best when placed in convenient locations. No one has time or patience to move five items when it's time to grab the morning milk for cereal! So, why not keep it right in the front, ready to use?

Store milk and condiment bottles on the door shelving units, if you have them. Central shelving is now free for containers and more oversized rectangular items.

Adjust your shelving to fit tall items like milk containers or wine bottles if they won't fit in the door units.


Use pretty organizing containers to your advantage. The key is to find FUNCTIONAL containers that serve the purpose of extending the life of your food- win-win!

My kids ask me why I put my eggs into clear egg holders. I love how simple and fresh they look, and they add to the overall attractiveness of the refrigerator contents. Remember- beauty is inspiring!

I've also heard that egg containers extend the freshness of eggs; however, we use them so fast I really couldn't be sure.

Clear containers can add simple beauty to your fridge contents!

Yes, we have veggie and fruit drawers, but no one EVER rummages through produce bags to find uninviting, dirty veggies. 

Instead, use clear containers for storing produce. They are attractive AND I can attest that they do work to extend veggies' lives! 

Pre-washing, cutting, and storing veggies in this container below has saved our family TONS of money, and upped our veggie intake!

I recommend produce liners as well, as they further remove moisture for even more freshness!

Store your veggies so that the family actually wants to eat them!

The container is eye-appealing, and the children always grab the veggies. (Well, most of the children...)

I'm hesitant to recommend that my clients invest a TON of money by purchasing too many containers. Evaluate what your ACTUAL needs are before spending hard-earned dollars on products you may not use.

If you have small children and lots of pudding packs, juice boxes, or small prepackaged snacks, clear containers will work very well to keep those items together.  

I always recommend using CLEAR containers for refrigerator organization. When you can see everything, there is less chance for spoiled food and unfavorable smells forming.

Be inspired when you open your fridge doors to clean, fresh shelves!


It's time to fill the fridge up! Group like items together and store together.

Clear acrylic containers are great to store excess condiments together!

If the bottles are newer but have yucky spills, wash them off first. If there are too many bottles for door storage, consider a clear container to keep items of like kind together on the shelving.


Make sure to save some space for leftover food storage.

The adage pertains to refrigerator organization, just like everything else.  A place for everything and everything in its place. 

 If you don't have anywhere to place leftovers, problems arise when food gets randomly thrown in, and items get pushed to the back, only to become long-forgotten and monster-forming. ;)

Complete refrigerator organization will add time to your day!

Keep it simple~ stock your fridge with easily accessible healthy food!


Don't allow your efforts to fall by the wayside. 

It's SO much easier to maintain than start from scratch! Take 15 minutes or so weekly before your grocery run for a quick clean out and clean up! You'll save a TON of time in the long run!

Are you still feeling overwhelmed? We CAN help!

Contact us at Order in the Zoo with questions or service inquiries! If you are local to Grapevine, TX, we'd love to serve you as your Grapevine Professional Organizer!

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