Quick EASY summer meal ideas that will calm the chaos!

you need these EASY summer meal ideas in your life!

Quick Easy Summer Meal Ideas! 

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed because your entire family is home pretty much all the time these days? Are you running out of new dinner ideas? 

Why not return to the basics and enjoy the SIMPLICITY of summer in your meals?

Utilize these tips to ENJOY RELAXing days this summer!


Pull out your air fryer and make a dedicated space on your counter to house this appliance blessing! Yes, it was, and still is, that trendy appliance- for a good reason! 

Why? Because it's EASY, doesn't overheat your kitchen like your oven will, and produces fantastic results!

For a quick summer meal, all you need to do is pick a protein from your freezer, air fry it, and add a side. Instant dinner!

Nutritious and YUMMY!

Put that raved-about appliance to good use!

Our favorite air fryer meals are split, bone-in chicken breast, and cheap frozen fillets of white cod, or any fish. We usually don't even use fancy seasonings as a simple bottle of Season-All works wonders for any protein.

Air fryer protein options include wings, salmon, chicken of any cut, fish of any kind, steaks and burgers (try buying premade patties for SUPER ease, or pre-form ground meat into patties yourself to pull out quickly from your freezer).


This option is probably one of the simplest, quick easy summer meal ideas you'll find!

Meat and cheese boards are all the rage these days!  Don't let them sound too complicated for your tastes. They can be as simple or as complex as you desire.

Try a charcuterie board! No-bake finger-food at its best!

A perfect charcuterie board is as easy as arranging meats, cheeses, veggies, fruits, nuts, and crackers on a board or a plate. A complete meal in one, and finger-food at its best! What child doesn't like to play with their food?

The best thing about your meat and cheese tray? You can arrange your items in the morning, cover, store in the fridge, and have dinner prepared before the family wakes! VOILA! Quick easy summer meal ideas at their best!

Search the web for AMAZING creative arrangements and find one that fits your family's style.


For most of us, the long summer days are HOT. More often than not, a hearty, hot meal is not something our body craves in intense heat and humidity. 

Lighten up with a summer salad! There are a GAZILLION AND ONE summer salad recipes to choose from!

Summer salads~ easy, no-cook solution for dinner!

Keep it simple with nutritious lettuce (the greener the better), or be creative with a base of shredded cabbage and carrots, or zucchini noodles. Add a protein like grilled chicken or fish with a yummy dressing, and you're good to go!

Don't forget about the simplicity of canned tuna or chicken for an add on!


The crockpot is your best friend! There is no simpler way!

What could be better than throwing dinner in the crockpot before breakfast and knowing dinner plans are complete?

Utilize the timeless treasure of your crockpot!

Again-- internet searches are your friend as there are SO MANY awesome crockpot recipes!

Our favorite two-fold crockpot meal, perfect for weekly meal prep? We throw in chicken breasts along with seasonings and salsa.

We eat some whole breasts for our evening meal, and then shred the extra meat for use later in the week on salads or tacos. 

And last but not least, adding to your list of quick easy summer meal ideas...


What's more basic and satisfying than a simple sandwich? From the simple peanut butter and jelly to a gourmet BLT delicacy, the sky is the limit!

Pick your family's favorite sandwich for a no-cook dinner!

Find yourself some fresh-baked bread, or make your own and enjoy any toppings from chicken salad (make it ahead and store in the fridge!) to lunchmeat and veggies galore!  

Or, grill your sandwich if you need to feel like you're eating something a bit more substantial.

Sandwiches are great because you can easily customize to fit any family member's preferences!

Ok mama's~ you've got this!

It's time to ENJOY your summer days, ALONG with your family, with no stresses about dinner! 

Use these to quick easy summer meal ideas to your advantage! Find your favorites and keep them in your summer meal rotation schedule.

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