Organizing HOME~
separating TRUTH from the myths~

Organizing Home- practical organizing for your needs to transform your house into your homeSeparating Truths from Myths

Organizing home~ 

Transitioning your house into a home sweet home isn't a one-size-fits-most process.

If what you're doing is working for you~ great!

But then again if things were working the way you imagained they should, you probably wouldn't have found me here... which means you're searching for solutions.

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What are our basic needs in life? Or course we know the obvious answers:

• water
• food
• sleep
• something to keep our body warm
• somewhere to protect us from the elements~ 

But to truly thrive, we also need a sense of order and belonging. Organizing our home is the first step to fulfill that need.

As for everything else- ALL of the other stuff is excess. And when we get too much... shtuff... we are suffocated physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Then comes the idea that we must live a pinterest-perfect world.

It's time  to change your thinking. If you're not happy and you keep thinking the same thoughts, nothing will work for you. As you begin to organize your home, it's time to separate the truths from the myths.

When organizing home, don't fall into these traps~

Maybe some of these thoughts are holding you back~ it's time to debunk these organizing myths! Welcome to my little pet-peeves of the professional organizing world.

Myth #1~
If your spices and canned goods aren’t alphabetized,
you’re a failure.

False- if your spices (and any other group of like items for that matter) are accessible in one location, you are a success! Sure, alphabetized is quite pretty, but doesn't determine perfection!

Organizing HOME to meet YOUR needs

Relax a little and throw your spice jars together in a plastic container if you don't have a dedicated spice rack.

Myth #2~
If your closet isn’t Pinterest-perfect, there's no hope for you.

The truth~ your closet is a work-in-progress, and it always will be. Take baby steps and watch them add up, one-by-one. Start with a shelf or a group of clothes. Give yourself grace.

Myth #3~
If you don’t label all of your bins, you will never stay organized.

Sometimes. But not all the time. The truth is- for example, if you're using a clear, see-through container and it is CLEARLY holding all of your colored markers, do you really need to label it?

Some people are no match for label-makers. It doesn't make you a failure. There are times common sense comes in to play. 

Myth #4~
Your pantry isn't truly organized if you aren't using
clear cereal containers.

Seriously- this one is my biggest organizing peeve of all time. Those clear containers are pretty and look great. Until their first use. 

I have 4 teen children. They like their cereal... for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack... 

I've found the clear containers actually to cause the cereal to go stale faster. And they get dirty. You have to wash them once they are empty. Do we really need yet another step in our routine? 

The best Home Organization is the organizing that works for your home!

My solution? Ditch the boxes and place all of the cereal bags secured with a chip clip into one container. Everything in one place, and everyone is happy. Well, mom is, at least :)

Myth #5~
You must become a minimalist with no clutter in order to be successful.

False. false. false. Could you stand to repurpose and donate some of your possessions? More than likely. And probably more than you think.

But becoming a minimalist is not an organizing requirement- unless that's your desire. Organizing home is about finding peace with what you have and finding an efficient way to make your stuff work for your life.

Organizing home~
create your sanctuary.

Home organization really is a process.  A constant process. What works for you this year may not at this time next year. Go with the flow and let your home evolve.

I encourage you to use social media as an inspiration for your organizing journey~ but not as a comparison for how perfect or not perfect you think your home is or isn't. Create YOUR sanctuary~ the one that brings your family peace.

If you still feel overwhelmed and need guidance or a starting point, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you're living in Texas, your Grapevine professional home organizer is just a call away! I look forward to serving you!

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