The crucial key for organized family success~

Every member of your family will benefit from keeping things simple!Keep life simple!

An organized family way of life is every woman's dream. Leisure morning coffee, everything in its place, laundry folded neatly and put away...

If you've found me, that image probably only occurs in your dreams.

There is a better way...

But first~ is you mind in the right place? Mindset is EVERYTHING!

An organized family isn't just a dream, or a desire. 

It's a necessity. 

Flexibility, and living from moment to moment is great. But, a little forethought must go into keeping systems in place for the efficient functioning of the family unit. Family relationships depend on it.

the greatest simple things in life~ love, family, and laughter~

Like it or not, this role usually falls on us, the mama's lap. While we certainly need help- it's ultimately our mindset that sets the tone for our family.

If your family is so busy chasing lost items resulting in a yelling match every time you leave the house, it's time to rethink your complex lifestyle. Stop wasting time because of a lack of routine~ and instead spend your moments building relationships.

 IT'S... simple...

 So what's the crucial key for maintaining organized family life at home?

 It's actually quite simple. As in SIMPLICITY. That's the secret behind an organized household.

Simplicity in activities. Simplicity in materialistic things. Simplicity in routines.

The more family members at home, the more simplicity becomes important.

The world tells us our children HAVE to be involved in every sport for proper development. They HAVE to be a member of 5 charity groups for the perfect high school resume. The success of their future depends on busy-ness.

It's time to rethink that lifestyle. 

How? By saying NO. By simplifying your free time, your material items, and your routines.

Think about finding a sport or activity the entire family can participate in. When our children were young, our family (mom and dad too) took up martial arts- it was a great relationship builder and it allowed us to get fit with a healthy lifestyle. We grew together because we weren't splitting the family apart running to 20 separate events. 

photo cred pixabay

As time went on and the children found their unique thing, we put time and energy into that ONE thing. With 4 children, we did have to get somewhat creative, but it was better than never seeing one another because of everyone's separate schedules.

Yup, we're those mean parents. We simply refused to allow multiple sports dictate how much running around we needed to do.

Hard truth:

If your family lifestyle consists of so many over-scheduled activities that evening dinners are impossible to share together, there is NO perfect routine or system that is ever going to help. There really are only so many hours in the day. The root of the problem must be addressed. 

Keep things SIMPLE. Say no.

Tips to keep your organized family in synch~


• Say NO to over-scheduling your free time.

Find  an activity your family can participate in together. Maybe marital arts, running, golf, tennis... If your children are older and have found their purpose or their thing, focus on that ONE thing. Remember... jack of all trades is master to none...


• Keep materialistic items simple. 

If your children (or yourself) can't find their proper sports equipment or uniforms because there is so much... stuff, it's time to make a trip to the donation center. Hold on to what you need and love, but keep household clutter to a minimum to easily find what you need- quickly. Can't let go? Check out tips for letting go of clutter here. There is something to be said for everything in its place.


• Keep routines simple.

Mama- your family doesn't need a gourmet breakfast, lunch or dinner every day. They need wholesome nutrition. Find the simple favorites and rotate them. This will allow shopping and prepping to be cut to a minimum. And, be sure to take advantage of grocery pick-up and delivery services, an absolute God-send!

• Prepare for the next day each evening by setting out the items and outfits that will be used. Children thrive on these simple routines and repetition, knowing what to expect. More about the importance of evening routines here!

In summary, you know it~ Keep things SIMPLE! I'm not saying you need to be a minimalist, and kudos to you if you are. But then again, you probably wouldn't be searching for solutions here... ;)

Reflect on how you can simplify your family's lifestyle. If you need ideas, routine or household management help, let me know and contact me here! If you need a professional organizer, I'm here!

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