Effectively organize your life- and regain your sanity in the process!

If the phrase organize your life causes heart palpitations, and that bottomless pit in your stomach explodes into a wild, ferocious beast, this post is for you.

We all want to be organized in life.. It's kinda the in thing these days, right up there with home organization. 

But knowing what we need to do, doesn't always mean we have the motivation to do it. Now what?

As Marie Forleo states in her best-selling book, Everything is Figuroutable- "Insight without action is worthless. Taking action IS the only path to change."

Here is a simple PLAN with the ACTIONS to take that will put you back on track to Organize your Life!


To organize your life into what you really want, you have to know precisely what it is you DO want!

What does that mean?

You can't work toward your goals, if you don't know what they are.

Grab a pen and paper. 

Relax, and allow good thoughts to flow. Call this a vision board of sorts- something to focus forward, NOT backward.

Don't think about what you feel is wrong with your life. Now is a time to dream about YOUR absolute PERFECT day. If life were ideal, and circumstances allowed, how would your day flow

How would your home be organized to fit these goals? What activities would you be doing?

Write it all down. EVERY little dream! Write down your entire day and each activity you would accomplish. Are you a doodler? Doodle pictures. Cut out magazine pictures and paste away.

I don't know all the crazy, woo-woo workings of the magic of writing things down, but I do know that it DOES indeed work. 

True story: About a year before we moved across the country, my husband and I did this exercise regarding the location and house we dreamed of living in, should circumstances be perfect. We wrote EVERY little desire down in a notebook, tucked it away, and TOTALLY forgot about it. About three years AFTER we moved, we found the notebook- every dream regarding our home written on that page came true. Every. Single. One. 

When manifesting what you want in life, there's something to be said about the clarity of putting thoughts and pictures onto paper. 


Now, it's time to think about what is not working toward your success as you organize your life to fit your needs.

What do you need to change? Again- write it ALL down!

Are you able to enjoy each moment, or do you need to say NO to some activities because you're constantly running?

Can you easily find things you need and quickly cook a nutritious meal, or are your kitchen home organization goals lacking because of too much clutter?

Are you feeling at the top of your game? Or, do you need to move more and eat better with more effective planning?

Write down the items you desire to fix. Don't worry about the how  just yet.

3.  MOVE

Put your lists down. 

Get up. Take a break. Go for a walk or find a quick 20-minute workout on youtube and MOVE! Whatever it takes to make that happen, do it!

There is nothing more motivating than allowing movement to clear your head and get your blood flowing. 

You've put in the time to write down what you WANT and what isn't working. 

Getting thoughts out of your mind and onto paper frees your brain for creativity. Now- allow your brain to guide your next steps creatively. There's no better way than movement to do just that!

organize your life- enjoy the journey!

4.  PLAN

At this point, the term organize your life may have a new meaning to you. Now you KNOW what specific direction you'd like to head toward- and you know what needs to change.

Time to PLAN!

What SPECIFIC steps do you need to take to accomplish your goals and organize your life?

Motivation comes by ACTION.

How do you lose 50 pounds? ONE pound at a time. How do you become fit to run a marathon? ONE mile at a time. How do you tame the laundry mountain? ONE shirt at a time.

Break each and every change you desire to make into small, attainable goals. Be specific!

This process is a journey! Little steps add up to BIG results. Remember,  how do you eat an elephant? That's right- one little bite at a time!

Does your kitchen need an entire overhaul to create an inspiring place to cook? Break down the steps. Clean out one cupboard at a time. If it takes you the whole summer- who cares?! You still have accomplished a goal towards your path to organizing your life. EVERY step counts in a HUGE way!

Plan out the daily routine that will best accomplish your goals.

Break it down, and write each step down!

YES, YOU CAN organize your life one step at a time!  You've got this!


You have the goals. You have the plan. 

Get to work! DO IT! Make the changes! The more you progress, the more motivated you will become.

BE RESPONSIBLE and stop placing blame! YOU are the creator of your path in life, and now is the time to work TOWARD your goals. 

Check off each of your accomplished steps, one-by-one.

It's in the action that you will see changes.

And- it's true. So much of our satisfaction in life is really finding the JOY in the journey.

Making positive changes won't happen instantly overnight. But the small steps you take each day will add up to big accomplishments toward the life you desire!

You've got this! I want to encourage you that you aren't alone! If you need help with specific trouble spots, contact us here at Order in the Zoo!

Local residents in the Dallas area, contact me for in-person Grapevine Professional Organizing services!

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