How to organize your desk to unlock the creative inspiration you need to get stuff done~

If you are buried with papers, it's time to clear off your desk!Organize your desk and find the inspiration to get your tasks completed!

It's time to organize your desk!

     •. Do you find it increasingly difficult to find your focus when it comes to productivity? 

 •  Is your desk covered in a sea of papers leaving nowhere to work?

     •  Are you feeling scattered the moment you sit down to work, uncertain where even to begin?

It's time for a desk overhaul~

A neat and simple way to organize your desk~ a blank slate for creativity! (Photo by bongkarn thanyakij)

There are two kinds of people~

On the one hand, are the people that must have order and an empty desk to get things accomplished. On the other are the ones that function best in what appears to be a sea of chaos.

Usually, each person judges the other as being wrong, but neither is~  if what you're doing is working and you're happy, it doesn't matter, does it?

However, if you're here, more than likely, you're frustrated and stuck. If so, then it's time to make changes.

It's difficult to be inspired when the only thing within your view is disarray. Our mind focuses on what it sees. If the brain only sees disorganization, then we will gravitate towards a state of disorder. 

Often, our scattered mind is the result of a scattered environment.

On the contrary, if the brain sees the things that inspire us, we become much more creative and productive in accomplishing our tasks. We remember the why of what we're doing.

Ever hear of vision boards? They are so important because of this principle. Clear vision and inspiration within our view, helps to keep us focused, on track with the tasks at hand.

So how do we accomplish the goal of being more productive?

Organize your desk!

1.  Eliminate the clutter~

The first step to organize your desk is to clear off the clutter~ the unnecessary stuff. 

Get yourself a garbage bag and say farewell to what no longer serves your needs. Having trouble letting go of the clutter? More help by clicking this link.

As for the other papers and essentials you need to keep~ place them in a box for now. Here we are focusing on an empty desk that we will reorganize into a functioning space.

2.  Consider alternate storage solutions~

For many of us, if we don't see items in plain view, we will forget about them. If you're one of those post-it notes types, as I am, I recommend storage solutions such as hanging wall folders and standing file folders. 

Verticle space, rather than heaps of papers, will be your friend.

These products will help to keep the critical to-do papers within plain sight, in an organized fashion, while allowing you to pull out one project at a time. You can find paper and file storage solutions at any office supply store or the Container Store.

Consider vertical file storage for your desk and wall to keep papers within sight. This is an excellent way to manage and organize your paper items while keeping your desk clear.
These products and many others are found at general box stores and sites such as decor steals dot com.

3.  Put office supplies away~

It's time to return your items, keeping necessity in mind.

Desk and office supplies should be stored conveniently within reach, but ideally NOT on your work surface. With our digital world, we probably don't need to use them every day. Save the most important space of your desk for creativity, not storage.

If your desk has drawers, I love inserts to keep office supplies organized! Be creative~ cardboard boxes will do the trick too! This item happens to be found at stone office supply.

I'm not a big fan of desktop office supply organizers- they quickly become a catch-all and cluttered with dust. And they aren't very inspirational ;)

Instead, utilize drawer dividers and containers to keep things like staplers, staples, tape, and writing utensils in order.  If you only have a desktop available without drawer storage, a decorative shoebox will work well to house your smaller supplies.

4.  Printer device near, not on desk~

If you need to use a printer often, definitely store it nearby- but ideally on a separate printer stand. A stand designed to hold your printer is a benefit~ It will usually also allow for the extra storage of paper or larger items (3-hole paper punch, etc.) that may not fit inside smaller spaces.

Living plants bring life into your workspace~(Photo by Lisa Fotios)

5.  Empty desk~ inspiration in sight~

Your desktop space should only contain your computer device, your current project, and maybe one or two inspirational items.

We all love our photo frames and gadgets, but if we're not careful, they will quickly overrun the workspace.

I recommend keeping those items off of your desk and hanging them, instead, on the walls within your view.

Surround your walls, not your desk, with the things that inspire you~ the pictures you love, paintings that bring joy, unique gifts that remind you of fond memories. 

A living plant is a beautiful way to bring life into your desk workspace~ there is nothing more creative than life itself.

I also love dry erase vision boards to hang nearby~ great to keep ever-changing goals current!

Vision boards are a creative way to keep your goals and thoughts organized within desk view (Photo by StartupStockPhotos--690514)

Organize your desk with simplicity~

In today's world, our lives seem to be always in motion. The days become full of choices to be made. 

The more we simplify our environment, the calmer our mind becomes and more equipped to handle the decisions. When we put our focus on the goals we have, instead of constant clutter in view, we can accomplish great things.

As you simplify your surroundings, choices become easier to make.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or organizing dilemmas you are facing!

I'm available for in-home help if you're living in the north Dallas area. For Grapevine Professional Organizing Services (and the surrounding regions), please contact me here!

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