Why Mindset IS everything~ what happens when you're not feeling it?

You have the ability to change your environment with the simple power of your mind! What to do when you just aren't feeling it!Mindset really is everything!

You've heard it all before. Your mindset is everything.

As women, we're supposed to have it all together. No matter what role we play, we should be on top of things~ always creative and motivated.

But what about the times we aren't?

What should we do during the times when~

     •   if one more person asks where the missing sock is, you might snap? 

     •   the thought of dinner brings you to tears~

     •.  the dust bunnies are dancing before you in the corner~ 

NOW. what? 

When our minds are in a fog, it's tough to see the positive. The dandelion becomes an ugly weed instead of a welcoming greeting to spring, full of nutritional benefits. 

We have all the power~ we can allow our minds to focus on everyone's faults, OR, we can CHOOSE to focus on blanketing those around us with LOVE~ our brains are that powerful and why mindset IS everything.

There are many days I question- WHAT does any of it even matter? 

It's that invisible feeling~ the one that entices you to give-up.

Does anyone notice the effort you put into home organization?
Do your children care about the sacrificed time you give to running the home like clockwork?




Your family needs your sometimes silent guidance!

KNOW that your efforts DO matter. You may not get the recognition you think you deserve until many years down the road. That's ok!

It's YOUR home organization and family structure that molds the future!

It's easier said than done. But it's true.

Mindset IS everything.

I, too, am learning. When I'm in a slump, I can now recognize the signs and take action. And yes, even as a professional organizer, it still happens- sometimes a lot.

What can you do when you just aren't feeling it?

Mindset is everything~ TAKE ACTION!

There really is a season for everything! There IS a season to rest, to just breathe.

But. Sometimes there is a season of movement. When you lack motivation- you must change your thoughts and TAKE ACTION. 

5 ways to get your mindset back on track!

mindset is everything!sometimes ya just need an attitude adjustment ;)


Physically GET UP. Go for a walk. Change your scenery. Do some jumping jacks~ whatever you need to get your blood flowing and adrenaline pumping. It's amazing how your mindset changes when endorphins are released!


Motivation increases with activity. Sounds crazy, but cleaning your space motivates your mind. Clean your window, clear your desk, wipe down a counter, paint your nails, take a bubble bath~ Fresh surfaces (on YOU and your stuff) propel motion and spark creativity.

3.   BEAUTY!

It is undeniable how vital the little things are.  My kids are tired of hearing life's WAY too short NOT to smell the flowers. I take that literally. It's a rare week when there are no flowers in a table vase. Bring inspirational beauty into your home! 

Do you have to spend tons at the florist? NO! Be creative! Wildflowers and things growing in your yard will breathe new life into any workspace.

Little things make a BIG difference in your mindset!

4.   FOCUS. 

Change your focus.

It's been said that sadness and disappointment stems from being focused on self. We begin to think about how bad we have it, how much we lack, how no one cares or notices, how disappointing circumstances are, etc etc etc.

Self-centeredness does nothing to movitave your mindset. 

How do you change those thoughts? 

DO SOMETHING for someone else! Send a card, write a letter, bake cookies for your neighbor. Any random act of kindness will do- anything that emphasizes someone ELSE instead of you.

Let your light shine~ 

5.   WATER

Get up. Drink a cold glass of refreshing ice water. Add cucumber for bonus points~ you now have a glass of fancy-schmancy spa water. Cold ice water tends to waken your body, snap your brain out of a funk, and get you back on track.

Sounds crazy, but try it :)

Tried all of these and still not buying into your mindset is everything?

It's OK! Now is the time to give yourself grace. There WILL be days when NOTHING is going to happen, no matter what you try.

Own it, and move on. 

Maybe your body and mind needs deep rest. That's OK.

Maybe it's a day you need to spend in reflection- are there changes that need to happen to fix the root cause of your slump? Only you can answer that question. You ARE in control of your destination~

Home Organization and Family Management can only fit your needs when your mind is in the right place~ You've GOT THIS!

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