How to Organize your House to make it your HOME~

How to Organize your house~ where to start to make your house HOME

The media world already tells you "how to organize your house." But the pretty pictures aren't always practical. And you feel more and more like a failure.

Please don't buy into the perfection lies. You CAN transform your house into the home-sweet-home that you can't wait to return to at the end of the day! 

If your home-sweet-home doesn't look like the picture's standards- it's OK! 

But HOW?

There are MANY organizing methods, and it's easy to become overwhelmed. There isn't a right or wrong way, and one style isn't necessarily better than another. The organizing approach that gives YOU the results you seek is the right one for you.

Looking to dive right in, room by room?

Go here for:

How To Organize Your BEDROOM
How To Organize Your BATHROOM
How To Organize Your KITCHEN
How To Organize Your REFRIGERATOR
How To Organize Your DESK

If all else has failed, maybe these home organizing ideas will offer practical help~ sometimes, to find the solutions you search for, you only need to change your thinking a little!

How to organize your house~ the first steps~

As with most everything in life, to transform your house into your home, think simplicity.

Ya gotta get back to the basics. 

Your focus FIRST needs to be on somewhat mastering your daily needs. (I say somewhat because we are always evolving- as we change, so do our routines and needs.)  Daily living needs to function without thought and without unnecessary time-consuming extra steps.

How to Organize your house and find the routines that work for you!Do you have to time reflect in the morning, or are you too busy searching for things? Photo cred: Content Pixie from Pexels

Begin organizing where your day begins~ think bathroom, bedroom closet, kitchen, and garage. 

Once those rooms function for you with no brain-time, your mind is free to focus on all the other stuff- or the fun stuff.

Think about your daily routine~

In a perfect, ideal world, how would your day flow? How would your home function best for you?

Take these rooms one by one and contemplate how you can improve the flow of your routine. Every change you make is one step closer to your goals!

 BATHROOM:  Is it effortless to get ready in the morning? 

Are you fighting with too much clutter on the counter? What changes can be made to keep things simple- or to take away extra steps? Do you need to organize your drawers in a better way? Are items easily accessible? Do you need creative storage solutions?

•  CLOSET:  How about the ease of finding your outfit for the day~ can you quickly be dressed for success?

Can you quickly find what you're looking for, or are all of your items thrown into unorganized piles?  (Start here for specific bedroom organizing how-to's.)

Keep home organization simple!photo creds: pixabay by pexels

•  KITCHEN:  Next move onto your morning meal- can a healthy start to your day be quickly prepared in your functioning kitchen?

Are your healhty food choices easy to prepare? How can you better organize your drawers and refrigerator to accommodate your meal prep?

•  GARAGE:  Head out to your garage- are you maneuvering through an obstacle course just to get to your car?

Is it time to organize and go through the unused items thrown into your garage? Do you need everything you are tripping over, or would some shelving serve your garage well?

How to Organize
your Garage
(coming soon!)

How to organize your house can be overwhelming. But, once everyday items have a place, and the basics are flowing smoothly, then you can add the fluff.

However, add the extras with a strategy. 

If you've researched home organization for any length of time, you've heard all the key phrases... if you don't love it or use it, lose it. That's pretty accurate.

Organize your home to enjoy the little things in life!Don't add too much 'stuff'~ keep things simple for an inspiring home! Photo cred: Min An from Pexels

Be veeeeeery cautious when it's time to add extra things- if you don't, you'll soon be overrun, right back to the state where your home can't function properly.

How to Organize your House~ is what you're doing working for you?

There is ALWAYS room for improvement. Don't overthink organization! Go with the flow.  If the flow doesn't work, then make the changes you need.

You know things are working as they should when you don't have to give extra thought to doing the everyday things your day requires of you.

Every home organization or  lifestyle hurdle has a solution!

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