How to Organize your bedroom~ 
a'hem... start by making your bed!

first steps when organizing your bedroomHow to Organize your Bedroom!

How to Organize your bedroom~ where do you start?

If you don't have the time or energy to organize any other room in your home, your bedroom should be an absolute top priority.


Your ENTIRE day begins with the quality of sleep you receive the night before and ends with the ability to unwind from the day. What should the focal point of your bedroom be? YOUR BED, of course. 

If you don't accomplish ANYthing else with your home organizing, at the very least, create a comfy, simple, inviting bed.  Invest in a quality mattress, pillows, and bedding. You are worth it, and your body will thank you!

And as for the most significant bedroom debate and the first item we need to address to answer how to organize your bedroom...

do we really need to make our bed each day?

YES. YES. YES. Clearly, I'm on team MAKE YOUR BED! Why? 

Because t's the first crucial step to answering the question of how to organize your bedroom!

No matter how neatly arranged your bedroom is, a messy, unmade bed will only take away from the work you've done.

how to organize your bedroom - make your bed!Make your bed!

When you make your bed upon awakening, you're starting your day on the right foot. Subconsciously you've accomplished a task before you've even stepped out of your bedroom. It's the little things that add up!

You've also created a relaxing environment to return to at the end of the day. Even if the rest of your bedroom is not in the state you want, a well-made bed will make it look better!

Need extra inspiration? If this won't inspire you, not much will!  LOVE this clip and make my children watch it often!

Photo by Rosana Solis

Sidenote-  let's talk pillows.

Keep. It. Simple. 

If you have 20 decorative pillows needing a home at night before getting into bed, you're off to a bad start. Minimize the pillows. It's an effort to store and rearrange them each day. Spend that energy on other things. 

If you MUST hold on to all the pillow decor, use a dedicated basket or bin for evening storage. Excess pillows thrown all over the floor create a feeling of clutter and more work to organize in the morning. Which brings us to another sidenote- the best advice for keeping your home organized, and how to organize your bedroom~

Minimize as many steps as possible.

In summary~  begin with your bed and move on from there.

How to organize your bedroom~ 5 tips for creating your personal sanctuary~

Next~ What's your vision? Spend some time reflecting on your end goals. What do YOU want your bedroom space to look like, and more importantly, HOW does it FEEL to wake up every morning in your ideal room? What is inspiring to you?

We spend one-third of our lives in our bedroom- why not turn it into the energizing, inspirational space you deserve?

How to organize you bedroom will be answered by keeping these following tips in mind.


You must keep the clutter out! Tips on eliminating Closet Clutter here!

Too much stuff zaps your energy. Your bedroom should not be a catch-all for everything else in your home that doesn't have a place. Use any room BUT your bedroom for extra things!  This is the place to create the sanctuary you can escape to, not to be reminded of all the stuff that needs to be tended to.

When you go on vacation and walk into your hotel room, you feel instantly relaxed. WHY? Because there is no clutter~ the necessities of living are contained in the hotel space and nothing else. Why not create that same feeling in your bedroom? 


If you've already sorted through your clothing, everything should have a place to be stored. Our American closets are often so large today that when professionally organized, the need for bulky dressers is minimized.

Human tendency shows that the more chests you have, the more areas you have to clutter up. Dresser tops are NOT the place for storage!

Keep decor items on top of dressers to a minimum. Make sure these items are relaxing, and you absolutely love them. Dresser tops are an excellent place for a relaxing salt lamp, candles, essential oils, and a FEW inspirational photos. Nothing more. 

3. Utilize creative storage~ 

If short on storage or closet space, get creative!

When you are thinking about how to organize your bedroom, think about closed storage solutions for storing extra blankets, pillows, or maybe even photo albums and memorabilia not viewed daily. 

Storage benches can be quite economical and when placed at the foot of the bed are great for this purpose. They also provide a quick seat to put on shoes when getting ready to run out the door.

Caution~ do be careful that the tops of the storage pieces don't become clutter magnets.

***And speaking of shoes, we all seem to have too many for our storage space! Here are some creative shoe storage solutions from a fellow professional organizer over at*** 

Storage at the foot of your bed is an excellent place for extra blankets or pillows.

4.  Electronics OUT~

If you want to watch TV, watch it in your family room. Your bedroom is the place to wind down. Think~ SPA~ quiet, serene.

Replace the electronics with a chair and book or journaling area~ create a reading corner with an inviting indoor chaise lounge or comfy chair, and cuddly blanket. If you're not quite ready to hit the hay, this is the area to spool down from the day and an excellent place for meditation.

Your bedroom needs to be the place you can shut down the outside influences and quiet your brain.


What items inspire you?

It's proven that viewing positive artwork and seeing the things we love when we first awaken can actually change our entire mindset for the day!

add inspiration to your bedroom organizationBegin and end your day with your personal space to unwind and refresh.

Do you have a favorite painting? Inspirational quote? Embelish your walls with them! Living green plants are also an excellent addition to add to the air quality.

Find a special place for these finishing touches in your bedroom.

Wake up refreshed each morning~

There really is no right or wrong answer to the age-old how do you organize your bedroom dilemma. As with all home organization, the way that works for you is the right way. 

Following just these few simple steps will go a long way to ensuring you have a relaxing place in your home to retreat to. This is YOUR sacred area, and you are worth putting the time in to get it right!

If you are still stuck for ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me with questions! And if you're in the North Texas Coppel and surrounding areas, I'd love to serve you as your local Grapevine professional organizer. 

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