How to Organize Your Bathroom~ create the spa atmosphere you deserve!

How to Organize Your Bathroom~ and create your own personal spait's in the little things~ How to Organize your Bathroom and create a spa-like atmosphere

How to Organize Your Bathroom~

As with all home organization, let's begin with the basics.
(Keep in mind we're only talking about your bathroom itself here, not the large master walk-in closet many of you may have- that's for another day.)

1. Think about~

What purpose does your bathroom serve? 

Simply put, your bathroom provides a place for you to get clean- in every way. You begin and end your day here, so why not create an environment that works in your favor?

Cleanliness and pure inspiration should be the focal point of this room.

Just like you visit a spa to get back to the basics, your bathroom should be the place to recharge you each day in your very own home. Keep this vision in mind as you think about how to organize your bathroom.

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2. Remove the stuff~

Next, remove ALL the clutter. Take everything out- remove all items from drawers and cupboards. I'm betting you have WAY more product in your bathroom then you can and will ever use.

You. DON'T. NEED. It.  

I PROMISE- decluttering the extra stuff will NOT be the end of you, but the process WILL help to create the relaxing environment you deserve!

Did you know that just as your cans of food expire, so do your beauty products? If you haven't used a product in the past six months, it's time to toss it.

Unless you're purchasing very high-quality items, 99% of what you buy contains water as an ingredient. And with water comes bacteria- not the best combo for your skin and health. Some of these items will even have an expiration date on them.

When in doubt...  throw it out...

Photo by Milly Eaton

3. Sanitize~

It's time to deep clean all those little nooks and crannies. With everything removed, this process should be much easier to complete.

No energy or extra time to devote to this step? Hire a cleaning service. It's hard to create a relaxing room if it isn't first clean.

Don't forget windows and blinds/shades~ It's AMAZING how a sparkly window can breathe new life into the feel of a room!

4. Updates~

Can you improve on your bathroom's look and feel?

We're not talking about relocating sinks or removing walls here. However, once all of your items are removed, and things are fresh and clean, take a look around.

Are there any quick updates you could do to improve the space?

Could your cabinets use new hardware? Does anything need to be repaired? Maybe a fresh coat of paint, new blinds, or a new shower curtain would improve the area?

Little changes can make a big difference!

How to Organize Your Bathroom~ you've got this!

Photo by andreas160578

5. Return your items~

Put it all back~ but WITH a PLAN!

What needs to be easily accessible in your bathroom, and what products make daily life simpler? When you think about these answers-  always remember, the fewer the steps without thought, the better you set yourself up for success.

The SIMPLE NECESSITIES you need daily are probably things like- toilet paper, towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and maybe your makeup. 

Do you have accessible places to store these items? 

Store like items with like items. Use storage bins to keep things together- if you're on a budget, dollar stores have great options!

Try to place all items in organized drawers or under the vanity. Bright, clean countertops showcasing one simple object such as a plant or candle add to a relaxing look and are so much simpler to keep clean!

The ONLY time I'm an advocate for the 'leave it out on the countertop' is if there is a product you'd really like to use but genuinely forgot about because it was out of sight. Leave it out, finish its contents, but don't repurchase it- the chances are that if you forgot it's there behind closed doors, you probably don't really need it.

Photo by kinkate

6. Storage~ 

If you simply don't have enough storage under your sink cabinet, it's time to get creative. How about a cabinet or shelving to go above your toilet facility? Maybe a wicker basket to store towels would be in order. Keep your towels neatly rolled. Not sure how? Click here for a quick tutorial. 

If your bathroom is small, you may not be able to store extra items in the room~ place the duplicates in a hall closet or maybe a master closet that might be nearby.

7. Finishing touches~

This is the fun stuff! It's the simple little touches that create your relaxing environment.

Think simplicity~ a new candle, a salt lamp, or a hanging green plant can quickly breathe new life into your room. Pretty bath salts are a great addition beside your bathtub. Maybe you could add a new inspirational picture?

Remember simplicity!

Thinking about how to organize your bathroom can be overwhelming for sure!

But, if you can remember to stick with your basic needs, you'll be on the right track to creating an atmosphere you can't wait to relax in. This is your space~ no need to pay lots of moolah for the spa when you can create it in your own home!

Still stuck? Contact me with questions! 

If you're in North Texas, I'd love to serve you as your personal Grapevine Professional Organizer Consultant!

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