The simple homework organizer you need to get stuff done!

A little homework planning goes a long way to create the organized family lifestyle you desire!An organized family has a plan for homework~ instill good habits early on!

A homework organizer~ a simple, efficient planning system may be the very thing you need to help keep your family schooling on track! 

At the time of this post, the world is facing the coronavirus pandemic. Many of you are finding yourselves at home, taking on the realm of homeschooling, with no prior thought or preparation.

A gameplan is all the more important if you suddenly find yourself schooling more than one child. The most significant factor in helping maintain some sense of order, sanity, and homeschooling success is having a plan.

As with all home organization and household management, KEEP IT SIMPLE! Homework planners do not have to be complicated. The more complex a planner is, the more unlikely you or your child will even use it.

Download your free weekly homework organizer here~ 

Download your free monthly assignment planner here~

When prioritizing assignments and due dates, it's crucial to see the big picture. By writing down each assignment due, the mind is free from the subconscious thoughts of trying to remember everything. Your brain can now focus on the task itself.

I recommend both a monthly homework organizer to view long-term upcoming projects and a weekly game plan for short-term assignments.

Download your free homework organizer below~

Fill in your assignments on the due day, and customize the monthly planner for the current month. 

These planners are simple enough to teach younger children prioritization habits while still being effective for older students. As your children mature and grow older, they can easily transition to a more in-depth planner, should they choose to do so. 

Along with putting homework assignments in plain sight, individual folders are an excellent way to keep each day's items organized. 

Use a separate durable plastic folder that will hold up to use, for each day of the week (labeled accordingly). Here, daily tasks and papers will be kept together in one, easy-to-find location. 

If you'd like to keep piles to a minimum, use verticle standing file organizers or wall baskets like these.

Get your homework assignments organized with a simple planner and folders for each day of the week!

We are all re-learning our daily routines and habits. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact me for any recommendations! I've been there- I know what it is like to walk in your shoes~ 

If your homework and school struggles stem from an unorganized home, let's formulate a plan and overcome your home organization issues.

These times can be the beginning of a fresh, inspiring start! WE can work together to reach your goals of benefiting from an organized family lifestyle!

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