simple Home Organization Tips to create the peaceful atmosphere of your dreams~

Tips to find joy in everyday living~an organized home is attainable for you!Top Home Organization Tips

From my house to yours~ an experienced mom's top home organization tips~

I've been there, done that. My kiddos are in their late teens now. I understand how living through the years of little children and chaos can feel.

Remember, this too shall pass. Embrace each stage as life will continuously evolve.

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Find joy in everyday tasks! (Photo by Gratisography)

There isn't any particular task of home organizing that's exceptionally difficult or overwhelming. 

But, pile the laundry on top of the ironing (does anyone iron anymore?), watch the dust bunnies fight in the corner, nourish the endless hungry bellies, and remember to fill the tank before your chauffering. Repeat every day.

And now, any of those seemingly small, simple items could quite possibly put you over the top.

It's time to bring back the joy in those tasks- yes, you can find the blessings from finishing the laundry. 

Take a deep breath in and out... you've got this, one day at a time!

Tip #1~
Eliminate first!

Eliminating clutter and home organizing are two, very different tasks.

If you have too much stuff, NO home organizing solutions will solve the problem. Before you can organize your home, you've gotta get to the root of the problem and clear the clutter.

Having trouble letting go?

Check out letting go of clutter here
and eliminating closet clutter here!

Learn how to distinguish what you genuinely love and use, from what is merely taking up space. It's incredible how you will free your mind when you release things in your physical area.  More on clutter here.

Tip #2~
Get kitchen clutter under control~

Home organization tip #2 speaks specifically to your kitchen. You probably spend a lot of hours out of your day here, especially if you have a large family.

Eliminate kitchen clutter and use your kitchen for its intended use! (Photo by Lukas)

I can't emphasize how important it is to keep your kitchen open for what it's intended to be- the place you prepare nourishment. It should NOT be a catch-all for everything else of the family.

Eliminate kitchen clutter to keep your day flowing with better ease! More kitchen clutter tips here!

Home Organizing Tip #3~
Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Mama's- we cannot. do. it. all. 

Learn to say no to meaningless excess activities. Do you really need to attend five playgroup meetings this week? 

SIMPLIFY~ the number one, best home organization tip!

Pick the tasks that must be accomplished (think clean laundry and meals) and do them with JOY. All other needless activities can wait, but your children can't. They will be grown in the blink of an eye. Relax, bake the cookies together, and color the pictures. Memories last forever.

Bake cookies! (Photo by

I guarantee that when your children are grown, they will NOT remember their home wasn't perfectly organized. It really IS ok if your windows aren't streak-free. I promise! Clean them when your nest is empty.

Tip #4~
LOVE your laundry!

Find joy in mundane tasks. We've thankfully never had a laundry issue in our home. I believe the following to be the reasons:

In the early years, when laundry was all on me, someone suggested that when folding each piece of clothing, say a prayer or wish blessings upon the one to whom it belonged.

Instead of thinking about ME, and all I felt I HAD to do and how overworked I was, my mind went to blessing others. Game changer, as most of our misery comes when we are focused on ourselves...  Laundry was no longer a big deal. I found myself looking forward to that peaceful time.

When the children were in elementary school, we taught them how to wash, dry, and fold their own laundry then promptly put it away. Don't take on a burden you don't need to when your children can help carry the load. Be a teacher, not a maid.

Don't allow laundry to rule your life! You've got this! Include the family and work together!Turn your laundry mountain into a mole hill!

I don't own a laundry basket. For real~

When I'm handling our adult laundry, I carry the load from the hamper to the washer. When it has finished drying, I play this little game ~ I see how fast I can fold the items and place them in appropriate piles on top of the dryer. I've become quite good if I do say so myself. I get bonus points if all items get folded before the auto dryer light shuts off. Crazy, I know. But, it works. I immediately take the piles and place them in their assigned drawers or the closet. The clothes never sit around, and I never have to deal with unfinished laundry.

For more tips on family organization, click here.

Home Organization Tip #5~
A home for everything~

Remember the adage: everything in its place? All items you own should have their very own special place to LIVE.

This habit will go a LONG way in maintaining order in your home, as well as teaching little children the responsibility of routine. It's ever more important, the larger the family! Material things like shoes and backpacks will quickly OVERtake a room if you don't teach these habits early on!

Everything in its place! (Photo by bongkarn thanyakij)

Keep things where they are supposed to go and put things away immediately, using the one-touch rule. This is probably one of my favorite all time home organization tips.

For example, when you open the mail, immediately discard the junk mail and place essential papers in their designated home. DON'T place items in the I'll get to it later pile  because you never will.

The seconds it takes to put things back will save hours in the future. If your things don't have a special place, you might have too many items in your home... which brings me to clutter...

Home Organization Tip #6~
Find creative ways to store clutter~

Now that you've successfully repurposed items you no longer need, what do you do with the things you love and just can't let go? Find ways to incorporate clutter storage solutions here (coming soon).

Tip #7~
Like with like~

When organizing your home, keep things you need to complete each task together, in one place. 

Store items of the same kind together! (Photo by DevilsApricot--135481)

Store laundry stuff with laundry stuff, school supplies in one easily accessed location, and cleaners for each room IN each room. Why go to the cabinet under the kitchen sink for items to clean your master bathroom? You'll save time by not running all over your home in search of these items. Eliminate as many steps as possible.

Last but certainly not least~

Home Organization Tip #8~
Leave expectation at the door!

Sorry to shatter the dream, but organizing family life will NEVER be perfect. If you set out to organize your kitchen in the morning but end up with a masterpiece work of art created with your child, you have succeeded! Your kitchen will be there tomorrow.

We are talking about YOUR home, YOUR life, YOUR family. It's ok to find inspiration from online sources, but be careful to find the inspiration that works for YOUR needs instead of perfect scenarios. 

On that note: please hear me- IF your family routines are functioning as you want, if you can find everything you need, and if you love your lifestyle, AWESOME! DON'T change a thing. (But, I'm betting that things aren't what you'd desire or you wouldn't be looking for solutions here~)

Keep your mind open and go with the flow!

This is YOUR path~ 

Utilize these home organization tips to bring order to your zoo~ remember home organization is a process~ learn to enjoy the journey!

Are you struggling to reach your goals? Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions!

If you live in the Grapevine, TX and surrounding area, let me provide you with  personal, professional home organizer services~ contact me for a consultation!

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