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I love helping family's like yours reconnect to the truly important things in life! 

While our family hasn't totally arrived yet (do we ever?), we're reaching the stage that we can finally reflect on what worked. And what didn't.

We want you to benefit from our successes~ and failures life lessons.

From home organization to getting dinner on the table~ our Order In The ZOO website has LOTS articles. I'm constantly making changes to update content with helpful tips and fun stuff. Sometimes keeping up with all the new pages is hard.

And so~

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If your home has clutter and your family has chaos (who doesn't?!?) you need to hear from me!


Because I've seen firsthand how letting material stuff rule you brings so much sadness.


Because I've seen how a lack of family organization will tear apart relationships.

Home organization is that important.

It's the knowledge I've learned through:

     •   twenty plus years of the ups and downs of raising 4 humans   
         (and don't forget the dog )

     •   leaving everything behind to move across the country

     •   constant reading and researching to learn ways to embrace life

     •   gleaning from the advice of those that are living the lifestyle we desire

     •   continuing my education and certifications through NAPO-
          the National Associaton of Productiviety & Organizing Professionals

When you subscribe to our free newsletter, Juju's Corner in the ZOO~ why JuJu?  It's the name my best friend's daughter gave me when she couldn't pronounce Jennifer. And it stuck :)

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FREE! Our personal 30-minute morning and evening routine to STOP the stress of day-to-day living!

You CAN regain control of your day-to-day life and begin to focus on what is truly important within your family!


Find the fun in taming your zoo right along with us!

I'm excited to meet you and share information, tips and advice. We really are all in this together.

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