5 easy home organization ideas to fast track your way to simplicity- TODAY!

home organization ideas for a fast-tract to simplicity!

If you have an open mind, these home organization ideas can help you meet the goals you have for an organized home.

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Home organization tasks are often overwhelming! There are no magic pills to make the clutter disappear, and sugar-coating the overall process doesn't help anyone.  Nor do all of the organizing home myths floating around out there on social media!

Organized living doesn't happen overnight.  It's the little choices you make that set you up for success or failure- and these choices take TIME.

BUT, if you can reprogram the way you look at the tasks, and are open to forming new habits, your thoughts WILL begin to work in your favor- and just maybe you will actually find joy in the journey! 

This page is about the home organization ideas that have helped our family. Do you have your own home management tips? Bless someone and SHARE THEM with the world HERE!

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When our family was in the middle of an exhausting home remodel with no end in site AND a baby due date fast approaching, the best advice that was ever given to me was a question:

How do you eat an elephant?

The answer:  one bite at a time.

Each little step you take WILL get you closer to your goal!  As the saying goes... Rome wasn't built in a day.

Nor was your mountain of clutter~

When is the best time to start? NOW- today!

Overthinking a project is most often the reason for failing at our home organization goals.

Did you know that when broken down statistically, most tasks we need to complete actually only take 15 minutes?  It's the mind time we use talking ourselves out of performing the task that waste our precious moments, not performing the action itself.

START somewhere, anywhere! Choose one of these home organization ideas and begin TODAY!

Here are 5 easy tasks to start you on the right path.  It may sound too simple for what you are facing- but just like anything else, you HAVE to start somewhere!  If you don't have time to devote to each home organization idea today, pick just one- that's better than nothing!

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...the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

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5 home organization ideas for the times you don't even know where to begin~

1. GOALS!  What are you goals?  Write them down!

Pull out a sheet of paper, a journal, or open a document on your electronic device.  Sit and contemplate about EXACTLY what it is that you desire your home to look like and HOW you want it to function.  Imagine how you will feel when it is in that state.

When you see your goals in front of you, a plan of action can be formulated. Don't worry if your goals seem to be never-ending.  There IS a way to accomplish them- but if you don't know what your goals really are, you can't work toward anything.  "...if you aim at nothing you'll hit it every time..."

For example, instead of a get organized goal, an improved, more specific goal would be 'I want a clean, organized coffee corner'.  The get organized goal is great, but entirely too overwhelming and general.  But, you can easily complete a task of organizing a space for your coffee.  

If you're still overwhelmed, break it down- go through your home room by room. What organizing projects would you like to take on in each room? Have fun with this and DREAM BIG! Don't look at the past- only look ahead. You can't change what's already done. And, don't worry if you seem to be writing a book instead of a checklist- progress will come!

2.  ACTION!  Formulate your action plan! 

Review your paper from step one and look at each goal individually.  What are the actions you can take to accomplish the goal? Again- BE specific.  

Sidenote: time to insert some tough love here. It seems our society would rather make an excuse or place blame than take responsibility for our hurdles.

I could be wrong. You absolutely may have unique circumstances and I feel for you! But the hard truth is that we, as a society in general, make a lot of excuses as to why home organization ideas are unattainable and can't be followed through.  Ask me how I know...

It's time to lay those excuses down.  The REAL TRUTH is, You CAN do this! For every reason you think you can't, there is an ACTION that will allow you to move on in the direction you want! Let me show you what I mean~

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Let's explore the goal of 'making an organized coffee corner'- how can you make that happen?  The steps that you could take would include:

*  clear off a space. Warning!  DO NOT let the excuse of there's no where to put the stuff I'm clearing off stop you- if you have to, set it on the table for now, and make another goal to put those items away at a later date. Remember- step by step...

*  clean the counter and coffee pot to a sparkly shine

*  organize your coffee into a nice container or jar, and add any accessories you use on a daily basis

*  enjoy your first cup of coffee from your organized, designated coffee spot.

Yes, this may seem oversimplified- but, you get the point. It really is that easy- break down your goal into little steps and suddenly they aren't as overwhelming.

3.  Grab 2 bags.  One for trash.  One for donations.

Set the timer on your phone for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, whatever small chunk of time you have- HOW FAST can you run through a room or a cabinet and fill one bag with donations, and one bag with items that need to be discarded? Begin with the easy, no-brainer items. This is designed for a quick edit.

Do this once a week or even on a daily basis, and watch the difference it makes! Clutter reduction is the first step to begin the organization of what is really important!

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PS- Kids LOVE this game especially when they know they are blessing other children with their toys! A quick ice cream cone or burger after the donation trip is a great bonding time.

Children love to be a part of your projects and will do what you do- if you take action steps, they will learn by your example and follow through for life.

4.  Pick ONE closet or ONE drawer and START!

20 minutes. I'm betting that even if it seems overwhelming, you could pick ONE drawer whether it be a bathroom or kitchen drawer and that's how long it would take to clean it out. Try it and prove me wrong...

Yes, a closet may take much longer, but don't let that excuse stop you. Take a baby step and choose one shelf or one section to begin. 

5.  ASK!  We ALL need help!

Talk to your family and loved ones- make these home organization ideas a group effort and watch the momentum grow, right along with your family relationships. This is a process to be shared. Simply click the link below:

If a functional organized home is simply out of reach, seek outside help!  Hire me as your personal home organizer, especially if you live in the Grapevine, TX area!

There are TONS of home organization ideas you've never thought of that could help your family immensely.  

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Consider consulting a home organization consultant or local professional organizer. You and your family are worth the investment!

I would love to help you personally if you are living in the Dallas, TX area. Order in the Zoo is offering professional organizer services in the areas of Grapevine, Coppell, Roanoke, Flower Mound, Colleyville, and Southlake, TX, Please don't hesitate to contact me!

No matter how seemingly small, all of these mindset changes add up!

Think about it- even if you can ONLY meet ONE home organization idea this week or clean out one little area per week, what's the worst that could happen? I'll tell ya-  you would have completed FIFTY-TWO organizing tasks in one year. That's something to be proud of!

Start today with these Home Organization Ideas!

Time to put the electronics down and begin with one of these home organization ideas!  YOU CAN DO IT!  Step by step!

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