The best Holiday Meal Planning for the most chaotic house!

Holiday Meal Planning for a peaceful Christmas Season!

Holiday Meal Planning simplified! Holiday meals don't have to overwhelm you! With just a little planning, you can enjoy those moments around the dinner table, instead of stressing! (as for the family drama... sorry, you're on your own there)

What's the biggest cause of chaos and stress over the Christmas and Holiday Season?  

OVERTHINKING! We have too much garbled stuff cluttering our brains, and too many choices to make.

Our holiday meals are often the LAST thing on the list to solve, and off our tired minds run for the nearest take-out.

With a little pre-thought, your family can ENJOY relaxing moments around the table by merely using this Holiday Meal Planning Printable.

simplicity is key for stress-free holiday meals!

The secret to handling stress is to get all those multitudes of crazy fragmented thoughts OUT of your brain.

How? Write them down and clear your head!

Start early. Yes, even in September, if you have to.

Give thought to HOW you'd like to experience the Holiday Season, and JOT it down.  These holiday organizer printables may also help!

When it comes to meal planning, we become overwhelmed because there are SO many delicious options. 

Holiday Meal Planning Basics to get you on track~

Begin with the basics and KEEP IT SIMPLE! If you find your Christmas family dinner is causing you stress, scale back.

For the perfect more formal holiday dinner, choose an entree, add a warm side dish, light salad, bread choice, and a dessert.

If your family prefers less formal dining, maybe holiday meals featuring hors d'oeuvres and snacks will perfectly fit the evening!

I promise you- your family does. not. care. that you have 20 different side dishes. They only want their traditional favorites. 

When you plan your meals on paper, it becomes apparent when you have too many dishes and need to simplify, or when you need to make changes and add items.

Quality vs. quantity wins any day! Choose the family favorites and work from that.

Also, don't be afraid ask for help~ If you're expecting company, let them share in the work and bring favorite sides and desserts. 

Below is the holiday meal planner our family uses. Simple, but effective. Print it out for your own use.

When the meals are said and done, and Christmas is over, I save the printout and jot down notes about what worked and didn't.

Upon packing the Holiday decorations away, I place the paper in the box to reference during the next season. Each year, Holiday planning becomes easier. Heck, this year I may be able to snap my fingers, and dinner will magically appear. Kidding.

If you need even more holiday meal planning for the entire month, print out this December Calendar and plan EASY meals.

December is a great month to create your meals with food you already have in your pantry and freezer~ and a bonus to make room for the extra food you may need to buy for your main Holiday Meals.

Our family uses this Calendar to fill in our must-do Christmas events. At a glance, we know the days we need a fast meal in advance.

Planning becomes easier, and we're not wasting money by rushing out for fast food at the last minute.

Holiday Meal Planning doesn't have to add to your Thanksgiving or Christmas stress! 

If you are struggling with home management, of home organization, especially during the busy season of the Holidays, contact me with questions!

If you live in DFW vicinity, let me help you with your professional organizing needs! 

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