The holiday home management steps you need for a merry Christmas!

5 ways to get a jump-start on your Holiday Home Management!5 ways a Holiday Home Management System can work for your family!

It's that time of year again! And the PERFECT time to consider a holiday home management plan of action.

A strong holiday plan eases the common stresses that those end-of-year months can bring to so many. If you're looking for a professional organizer in Grapevine, TX- read no further and contact me here.

Not local? There's still hope! Create your year for a holiday season filled with happiness! Looking for a printable plan?

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Every year the Christmas decor is up in the stores earlier and earlier. Either ya love it or dread it~

Of course, Christmas itself is the most celebrated holiday of the year. But sadly for many, the entire span of Halloween through New Year's Day is full speed ahead. That's a lot of time to be filled with stress, OR to cherish with happy memories. 

We've done it both ways and the latter is definitely the way to go!

How did we make it happen? A little planning. (but not so much we weren't able to go with the flow.)  

Customize our holiday home management plan to fit your needs:


It's time to reflect~ what has worked in the past for your family? What hasn't?

If you are dreading the Christmas season or how the past holiday seasons have played out- why? What would you change?

Spend some time on this and maybe even doodle on some journal pages- focus on the memories you wish to create. Circumstances don't change in the physical until they're thought about in the mind.

Holiday Home Management is the key to stress-free Holidays!be thankful to gather around the table


It's time to change your mindset.

I cannot stress enough the importance of simplicity. Our happiest holiday seasons were the ones that we stuck to the basics. When given the choice, we'd pick a quiet movie night around the fireplace ANY day! It's the simple joys in the little moments~ 

I'll never forget the early Christmas years of our children- and the number of celebrations they spent crying. All day.

As we visited umpteen homes and attended a gazillion events, their little bodies simply couldn't handle the overstimulation. Add an overabundance of materialistic gifts topped with a couple pounds of Christmas sugar for weeks on end- and you've succeeded in creating the perfect DISASTER!

We vowed never again to spend another holiday season in that state.

~simplicity~ the most effective holiday home management 

We rethought our numerous activities and visits with so many people.

Of course it's good to visit our loved ones, as we should cherish those moments. However, balance is key. Every visit doesn't have to take place on Christmas week. Truth be told, a visit outside of the 'obligatory' season is often even more appreciated.

If you're filled with anxiety, it's time to rethink things and return to simplicity.

Which brings us to step three-


Create YOUR family holiday season. Not what great aunt Doris expects of you, not the events the world tells you must attend, not the things the stores tell you need to buy for happiness. 

YOU HAVE the CONTROL. This is YOUR holiday home management plan. Your family is looking for you to guide them. If you're at peace- they will be too. What does that mean? 

It means ONLY participating in the events and activities that are truly meaningful to your family and are creating the memories you want to create. Sometimes that means tough love- if you really don't enjoy the office work party, the long distant acquaintance's drunken party, or the expensive neighborhood block gift exchange~  DON'T allow it to take up your family time, or your well-earned funds. For every event you say yes to, something else has to be denied. Often that's something that could be more beneficial to your family.  

Just because you've done something every year, doesn't mean it might be time to say no. Really rethink all of your traditions and choose only the most important ones to your family.

A little pre-planning for the Holidays will help you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season!it's the simple things in life...

4. PLAN.

Plan now to enjoy your time later. My downloadable holiday organizer printouts may help.

Sometimes just going with the flow is quite beneficial to be in the moment. But, If you have children and are dealing with busy schedules, a stress-free holiday season requires a bit of foresight.

Each year I personally begin before October- and ideally when the kiddos return to school. With 4 birthday celebrations on top of the Holidays, October to January are packed. I print off blank calendars for those months. Yes- I could use my normal activity calendar on the computer, but for some reason separate calendars that can be physically written on in pencil work best for me.

We begin filling in birthdays, and more importantly, when, they will be celebrated, which is more often on a different day depending on work scheduling. We also pencil in our favorite local events such as light-up night or a Christmas parade if we decide to go that year. We choose when and where we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then add our family's must-do activities on the dates it's most convenient for everyone.

Must-do activities for us are hot cocoa night, craft night, game night, and gingerbread house night. (of should I say ginger-mound night because no house has ever remained standing) Planning as much as possible beforehand allows family members time to request days off of work if needed.

I also take out a sheet of paper for the major holiday menu planning, and another one for a gift list.  While I may not be filling them out in October, it helps to have them ready to get my mind thinking ahead. When an idea comes to mind, I jot it down and have everything in one place.

There's a funny thing about the holiday seasons- they come the same time every year like clockwork...  we can't change the dates. Just a little forethought with a holiday home management plan makes alllllll the difference... 


It's time for your holiday home management plan to pay off. It's the season to enjoy each moment, along with all its sights and sounds.

Even though we've discussed the importance of a plan, leave room and time to make changes as necessary. When you're not stressed with details and planning, you are able to go with the flow. Don't let the unexpected derail you~ if at the last minute the kiddos decide they want to play a game or drive around to see Christmas lights- do it. Those moments are precious. 

You've already put the work in, so that you can enjoy the little moments now~ the crackle of a fireplace, the quiet snore of the dog under the tree, the sleeping baby in your arms.

Christmas Planningcherish those little moments~ even when your family pet is less than thrilled~

The truth is- the more relaxed you are, the more of you that's truly available to your loved ones. Taking a step back, remembering what's really important, and carrying through with a holiday home management plan might just save your holidays!

If the holiday season still has you anxiety-filled, contact me for help~ especially if you live locally in Grapevine, TX and surrounding areas.

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