Feeling guilty about sending those Christmas cards to the curb? Create a Holiday Card Organizer to save the memories!

Holiday Card Organizer

Create and customize your own Holiday Card Organizer~ the perfect way to preserve those beautiful Christmas memories from your loved ones~

Growing up, we couldn't WAIT for the first Christmas cards to arrive in the mail! We'd run to the mailbox with the anticipation of updates and pictures from distant friends and family.

Long after the Christmas lights have faded and the stockings packed away, we wonder what do we do with all of those cards?

It doesn't seem right to throw them out after our loved ones put so much energy into sending them.

But we certainly don't need to clutter up our space by throwing them in a drawer.

Whether you still receive many cards, or just a few, these are ways to preserve the traditional love received in your mailbox.

3 EASY Holiday Card Organizer options to preserve those memories~

Here are 3 simple, quick solutions to organzine those Holiday cards if you can't seem to send them to the curb with January's garbage.

1. Create a Holiday Card framed display~

Purchase a cheap floating or float picture frame. I love these frames because they aren't bulky and allow you to turn the frame over to see the back of what is displayed- perfect for viewing the sentiments inside of your Holiday cards. 

Christmas Card FrameUse a float, or floating frame to display your Christmas cards all year.

Your framed display can stay out all year, or be a part of your seasonal Holiday decorations. It is easy to change them out with updated cards each year.

Float frames come in a variety of sizes, and you can create a collage to fit your style. 

If you have too many cards, use more than 1 frame, or cut out your favorite sections of the cards.

Get creative- customize your display by adding the year with pretty paper, or even adding scrapbooking embelllishments- the sky's the limit! 

If you love looking at the sentiments loved ones have sent you, why not enjoy them all year?

2. Create a yearly Holiday Card binder~

There are 2 easy ways to create a Holiday Card Organizer with a binder system. The chances of you truly enjoying your cards when stuffed into a drawer are slim. A book or binder style will organize your cards with ease- and you'll actually enjoy looking through them.

Holiday Card BinderChristmas Card Binder

Simply purchase a small 3 ring binder and with a hole punch, punch holes in your cards and insert them inside. 

Again- get creative. Decorate the outside of your binder as you like.

Use a binder to preserve your Christmas Cards!A binder is an easy way to create a Holiday Card Organizer~
so much fun to flip throw the beautiful cards you've received!

If you don't even want to go to that trouble, punch a single hole in the top corner of your cards and place them on a loose leaf metal ring, or use twine or pretty ribbon to hold them together.

Holiday Cards preserved with a loose-leaf binder ring.

You can hang the metal ring or ribbon you've chosen on a hook to display.

Cards can be hung on a hook for display.

Repurpose and share those beautiful Holiday cards with your loved ones!

And last but not least,

3. Recycle your Christmas cards into gift tags~

Christmas cards are so beautiful. Why not recycle that beauty on to your gifts. Simply cut out the prettiest aspect of your cards, punch a hole with a hole punch, add decorative ribbon and your gift tags are ready to go!

Holiday Card Gift TagsRecycle Holiday Cards into Gift Tags

Don't forget to write your recipient's name on the tag~

You can also use decorative shears to cut around your items or glue your card cut-outs on to card stock if you need a blank backside.

The possibilities of creating a Holiday Card Organizer to fit your needs are endless!

Need a printable Holiday Organizer Plan? click here.

To simplify your Holidays, implement a Holiday Home Management Plan with your family by clicking here.

If you need help with more ideas or are looking for professional organizing needs, contact me with any questions!

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