The habits of organized people that YOU can do!

Habits will make or break your organizing efforts!

The habits of organized people that create results~ 

Ever wonder WHY certain people seem to have it all together? It's all in the habits we learn! (or don't)

Our habits create results, the good ones we want, and the bad ones that don't live up to our expectations. We CAN manifest our goals by changing our habits. 

The organizing habits we utilize either make, or break, our efforts.

Try these habits of organized people and watch your home organization efforts flourish!

The most efficient home organizers have developed the following patterns that work toward keeping their homes and lives in order. It may take time, but you too CAN form these habits in your own life!

1.  Put it away, RIGHT away!


Right up there with laundry hurdles, entryway clutter is a huge trouble spot for many families.


When arriving home from shopping or any outing, return items immediately to their homes. (Remember the adage a place for everything, everything in its place?)

Hang up coats, put shoes away. Please don't leave them in a heap!

Create a place for EVERYthing. Consider adding a decorative basket or tray to put keys on, a hook to hang up your purse, or a coat rack or hooks to place your coat.

If you've been shopping, remove tags taken from new shopping items and place them into their new home.

This is one of the simple habits of organized people that will go a LONG way to maintaining your home organization goals. When you say I'll get it later- often, later never comes. You're soon swimming in multiple family members' piles of stuff.

Training young children with this habit as early as possible will take the load off of you by keeping everyone organized, and keeping clutter at bay.

2.  CLEAR Counters, Tables, and Solid Surfaces!


You're not inspired to cook or eat a family meal because first, you have to clear the counter and table.


PUT stuff AWAY! Countertops and tables are NOT for the storage for your things. 

Let those clear counters and tables work in your favor!

If the items you leave cluttered on the table don't have a home- rethink their purpose.  Do you need it, love it, or use it? If not, say goodbye!

If your kitchen table is the central homework location, great! But don't store school supplies on top of the table. Instead, have a separate storage container nearby to hold supplies neatly.

When tables are countertops are clear, cooking and dining together becomes a joy, instead of a challenge. Clear counters and visually appealing, uncluttered tables free your mind too!

3.  Clean Up Cooking Messes BEFORE you EAT!

This one might be a little difficult. But, with a bit a training, it will reward you exponentially. 


Some of us are plain 'ole messy cooks. No matter your cooking style, NO ONE looks forward to returning to a kitchen mess after eating, waking up, or returning home from an outing.


Fill your sink full of sudsy water and clean things up AS YOU COOK, as much as possible. It takes 60 seconds (literally) to place your cooked egg on a plate, then wash and dry the pan while the egg cools enough to eat. No mess to return to when you've finished your meal!

We've taught our children that utilizing good kitchen habits of organized people will ensure they will never have a greasy pileup in their kitchen.

4.  10 Minute Evening Spruce UP


You're tired, and the house is a mess. Returning items to their place is the LAST thing you want to do.

But sadly, you're going to start your day on the wrong foot and even more tired when you wake up to your home in a state of disarray.


No matter how exhausted you are, take 10 minutes before retiring for the evening, and do a quick run-through, straightening activity. All family members should help! 

The moments before retiring to bed is the time to put toys away, fold couch blankets, fluff pillows, put trash in its place, and ensure you will wake up to a home in order. Train children the responsibility of taking care of their items!

Evening routines are crucial to your best mornings!

Check here for more ideas about creating an evening routine that will work for you.

5.  Donation Station!


Donations never seeming to make it to their intended place and are adding to your clutter.


Make a central donation box or bag to place items and drop off when full. If every family member knows where to put things that no longer serve them, it's easy to regularly make a trip to Good Will when the bag/box is full.

I have a dedicated bag in my closet, and the children know to throw items they've outgrown right into it. When the bag gets full, I set it out, blocking my front door so I don't forget to drop it off. When you have to trip over something to leave the house, you tend to get it taken care of promptly.

6.  Monthly Kiddo's Room DeClutter


Your children's rooms seem to be the never-ending black hole that magically grows stuff of all kinds.


Every month, hand each child a bag and make them FILL it with items/clothes they are no longer using. You'll be SHOCKED by their excess!

Give warning that if they don't participate, you will do it for them- they LOVE that! (kidding!) 

Very quickly, the habit of tidying and being responsible for the space in their rooms becomes a way of life!

7.  Laundry AWAY, RIGHT away!

When working with my clients, laundry is often the number one trouble spot.


Overflowing baskets heaped with clothes, missing socks galore, and disappearing clothing items are forever lost- sound familiar?


Create the habit of putting laundry away RIGHT away!

One of the greatest habits of organized people is they never leave clothes and towels sitting in a laundry basket.

Mama's~ stop being everyone's maid! Teach your littles responsiblity! Teach them to help by neatly taking care of their items!

For the life-changing laundry solutions that work in our family, click here.

8.  Quick Clean~


Your house is always dirty, and you can't seem to stay on top of cleaning chores.


One of the most effective cleaning habits of organized people is to run through the house with a 15 minute quick clean. DAILY. You read that correctly- daily.

In today's world, we don't always have the time to deep clean our house each week. A 15 minute clean up does wonders to keeping your home in order and keeping things appearing clean. 

When your home is clean with the cobwebs removed, your brain is cleaner and freer too! Dirty surroundings do little to create an inspiring home.

Train the littles to run through the house once a day with a swiffer duster in high traffic areas and a dry duster on hard floor surfaces- especially if pets are involved. Add a quick vacuuming of high taffic areas too, if you have carpet.

Last Minute Company On their way Cleaning TIP: When you don't have time for a thorough cleaning, the easiest way to appear clean is to run the sweeper for freshly vacuumed carpet marks.

I want to encourage you~ you CAN learn the habits of organized people and put them to work!

Rest assured, even if it doesn't look like things are improving, the little positive habits and changes you form will create big rewards over time!

As with any organizing project, things WILL get messier before they get better! By following these habits of organized people, you will minimize the chaos and bring order to your zoo!

If you're having trouble creating personal habits to help your organizing efforts, contact me for a free 20-minute phone consultation! 

Or ask any questions you have! If you're living in Grapevine, TX, or DFW's suburbs, I'd love to help you with your professional organizing needs!

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