A grocery list organizer~ the best tool for success!

a grocery list organizer is a simple tool to save your time and money!

Your Grocery List Organizer~

This little list holds the key to your meal-planning success and your financial savings, right at your fingertips. And, the lack of it will cause stress, over-spending, and LOTS of wasted time.

How many times have you gone to the grocery store only to wing it? And, on top of having no list, you were hungry. When the cashier rang up your total, you were utterly shocked. Did I reeeeeeally just spend that much?

Been there. Done that. STILL TODAY pay the price. (we organizers aren't perfect ya know)

There's undoubtedly nothing complicated about making yourself a grocery list. But it does take discipline to form the habit and be consistent. However, the little time spent preplanning will save you tons in the future.

So-- where do you start? It's as simple as paper and pencil. Old school not your style? There's an app for that! 

But first, paper and pen! Download this free grocery list organizer and hang it up where the family has easy access.

Taped inside a cabinet door or magnet-hung on the fridge are convenient options. (Keep a pen or pencil handy!!) Yes, this blank list is very basic- that's the point! Keep it simple!

As you run out of food staples and supplies, add them to your list. You'll find the printable shopping list organized into like departments where items will be at the grocery store. Who needs to run circles around the store?

This grocery list is easy-peasy. Until, that is, more than one person has access to the food, and supplies run empty without your knowledge. (How many times have you NO SOONER returned home from your shopping trip, groceries are put away and you hear mommmm- can you get me more contact solution? I'm out.-- insert angry emoji here!)

As the little's grow older, they use up ingredients and toiletries unknowingly to us. We moms aren't necessarily aware the sugar bowl is empty, and the pop tarts devoured. (GASP!)

Yes, we should check before heading to the store, but who has time? Or, for that matter, remembers? (my hand is raised)

Shopping List Solution~ yes, you CAN train your family!

The solution~ family training! With your grocery list posted on your fridge as a reminder, teach responsibility. In today's world, responsibility seems to be a lost art... but we'll save that topic for another web page...

When each family member uses up a staple, train them to add the item.

When the littles find they are always out of their favorite treats, and you don't give in to making extra store trips, they learn they can't make excuses. 

Responsibly remembering to add things to the list now becomes quite an incentive if they want their goodies!

Another grocery list organizer option is prewriting items onto a master copy. You probably buy similar things each week. With a prewritten list, the family doesn't even have to add items, but instead just a checkmark when something runs out.

With staples prewritten, it's also a reminder of the grocery items you want to scan for supply levels before you head out. Again, this downloadable grocery list organizer is basic. Customize as needed. (If you'd like your own custom, master list, contact me, and I'll see what I can do!)

Now, all that prior shopping list advice said:

Times have indeed changed. Because of technology, shopping without a physical paper grocery list isn't AS much of a problem for us anymore. 

How does our family personally save money and time?

Use online delivery, and shopping
pick-up services to your advantage~ they are LIFE savers!

We are blessed to live in a densely populated area where Walmart Grocery pickup and Amazon Fresh are at our fingertips. 

I honestly can't tell you the last time I've physically shopped in a grocery store- and with the current global pandemic, I am very thankful. If these services are available to you, I encourage you to take part in their benefits! 

I'm able to shop late at night in my jammies, view price comparisons on a single screen, and have my groceries picked up and put away by 8:30 am after dropping the kiddos off to school. (remember when we still had normal school...???)

An excellent added feature: those services keep a history of your purchases, so it's easy to see if you've forgotten anything.

free printable grocery lists!

HOWEVER, it still helps our family to keep a running list on hand. For me, I use the reminder list app on my iphone. There is NO way I will remember to add an item that runs out a couple of days later, if I don't write it down!

When I run out of something, I immediately throw it on my iphone reminder app, and get it out of my mind—the list syncs automatically with my computer. When I sit down to shop, it's already on the screen for reference. Shopping online has been a lifesaver! 

There's an app for that! Try an app-based grocery list organizer! 

Old school paper and pencil too simple? Well, yes, there's an app for that~

For more sophistication in today's tech world, there are GAZillions of apps regarding grocery lists. I've glanced at many of these but honestly still have found my simple iphone reminders suites our needs just fine. 

If your system isn't working for you, and you find you're wasting time and money, try these suggestions to discover the ones that best work with your family style.

My top recommendations are:

1.   COZI

 If I could get my familia on board, THIS would be the one I'd pick. A free version (with ads) is available, but ad-free for $29.99/year.

Not just for shopping list use, but fellow professional organizers also HIGHLY recommend COZI for its comprehensive family organization capabilities.

Multiple members have instant access and can easily add shopping items as well as their activities, for everyone's view, in one place. This is the ultimate tech tool for an organized family!

2.   MealBoard

This app is great for planning your meals as well as your shopping lists. Easily upload and organize recipes, plan your meals and create a shopping list all at once. 

3.   Flipp

The Flipp app is for the money conscious family. (aren't we all?)

This app will allow you to plan your shopping list while checking weekly flyers for the best sales. You are also able to view coupons for even more savings. You choose the stores you shop, view their fliers, and add the item to your list by tapping on it. This app will also save all of your lists from previous weeks. Easy peasy!

Runner's Up include:

AnyList, and Out of Milk

These simple grocery list organizer apps create shopping lists that are shareable with your entire family.

So many choices at your fingertips!  Don't let a lack of planning derail your budget and grocery list organizing. A few simple habit changes may be all you need to make feeding your family a little easier! And your budget a litte happier.

It doesn't matter which grocery organizer you use, but that you indeed use something, anything, that will help you be the best steward of your finances and time. Find what best works for you.

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