The most wanted gifts for organized people~

give the gifts organized people want

Stumped to find gifts for organized people and the person that has it all together? Often, I am too!

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Gift-giving can be tricky. The more experience I gain in my professional organizing business, the more I see the harmful effects of having too much stuff.

This over-consumerism sometimes translates into the gifts we give and receive. 

When we give a material gift just because we are supposed to, the gift may add to the recipient's clutter dilemma  instead of bringing the joy you intended.

So- what IS the solution when it comes time to gift-giving?

Think outside of the box- think useful with a blessing.

If your loved one has a prized collection of one-of-a-kind items and would love a new addition, by all means- that's a perfect gift!

But, if your loved one already has everything, doesn't want for anything, and is pretty organized, think about ways to instead enhance their lives. 

Perfect Gifts for organized people~


Who doesn't enjoy homemade love that comes from you?!

If you're a DIY type of person, try your hand at personal scented room sprays, candles, bath fizzers, scrubs, baked goods, or homemade cooked meals. A delicious home-baked meal with no mess to clean up is a perfect treat!


Gift Certificates are awesome!

They don't take up space, the recipient doesn't have to war with what do I do with this item, and a certificate ensures your loved one can choose exactly what they'd love.

The sky is the limit here as almost all establishments, eateries, and stores offer gift card options.

If your loved one is an organized person, they probably are a Container Store Geek like me. If so, why not a container store gift card? Win. Win!


Is your recipient a foodie, wine connoisseur, coffee, or tea lover?

How about a unique, monthly specialty food, wine, or coffee delivery box? Thanks to the internet times we live in, there is no end to these deliveries of the month options!


Services make very thoughtful gifts.

What does everyone need more of? TIME!

We all seem to have more on our to-do list than time allows. Certificates for professional organizing are THE BEST! (contact me-- I HAVE CERTIFICATES!!) :).

Or, certificates for babysitting, a private chef for an evening, house cleaning, window cleaning, car wash, or lawn service are not only excellent gift ideas but also a terrific way to support your local town!


Experiences are fantastic alternate gift options! An experience builds memories instead of collecting dust. 

Depending on the circumstance, you could even gift an experience that includes yourself! (Christmas gifts for your children that involve a getaway with you to see their favorite sports event, broadway play, or magic act are a win-win!)

Think about the likes of organized people in your life.

Do they enjoy travel? Horseback riding, Hiking?

Why not a weekend getaway to a spa, ranch, or favorite location? If they love the experience but not so much the journey to get there, most cities have these options without long travel. Local Bed and Breakfasts and hotels make great staycation gift options!

Finding the perfect gifts for organized people can be easy once you become in-tune with your recipient.

ANY time our mind turns away from self, and toward blessing someone, we benefit even more than the one receiving the gift.

It really is the thought that counts~ why not make the thought count even more with a gift your loved one will treasure?!

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