Simple evening routines are tomorrow's perfect day!

Don't enjoy hectic mornings? FInd the evening routines that will set you up for success!Find an evening routine that sets your family up for a successful day tomorrow!

Evening routines. They can be as elaborate or as simple as needed. But do we need yet another to-do task to fit into our day? 

The short answer: yes.

Here's the truth. The tasks we need to get done, such as dirty dishes, breakfast prep, and lunches packed, do indeed take the same time regardless of when you do them. 


With 20 years of experience, I've done the to-dos both in the evening and in the morning.

When completed at night, our evening routine sets our family up for a successful morning. Every. Single. Time.

When I wake up and have to cram it all in first-thing, before any quiet reflection, our family ALWAYS has a chaotic day ahead.

Any inconvenience or little time spent before bed returns time double-fold the next morning!

It's kind of like working out in the morning. When you get that workout completed first thing, it seems like you have endless time to get things done throughout the day. But when you wait until evening to fit it in, you always seem to be running behind.

Evening routines set you up for a successful, smooth morning. When things are flowing peacefully, that quiet spirit flows through morning activities and continues to the rest of the day. When you, mama, are less stressed, so also your children will be.

What are the best evening routines for your family?

The ones that work! 

The structured lifestyles of organized families boil down to home organization and family routines.

First, envision how your ideal morning looks and how you feel when you awaken to your perfect morning. How do things flow?

We create what we focus on~ if we focus on stress, we'll create tension. If we focus on the peace we desire, that's what we'll create~

Wake up to a clean, fresh start in the morning! (Photo by cocoparisienne--127419)

Now, think about what is adding to your morning stress. THOSE are the items that you'll benefit by getting completed at night. 

For our family, it's the little things that add up. Not any one chore is difficult- but when you're in a hurry and have to focus on all the tasks at once, stress creeps in.

When I awaken to a messy kitchen full of dirty dishes and a dishwasher needing emptying, I never begin the day on the right foot. Add to that the breakfast that's not fixed and lunches needing packed, and things escalate downhill quickly. Those simple tasks are the ones I focus on in the evening. 

Before retiring for the night, we make sure to empty the dishwasher, clean and shine the sink, get lunches packed, breakfast prepped, and coffee ready to go! The more you do these things each night, the quicker the habits are formed, and you complete these jobs without thinking.

Good habits are the key to becoming organized, in a natural, relaxed way.

Download a free evening routine checklist below and customize to fit your needs.

This checklist shows the things our family completes before signing off for the evening~ maybe they will help you to reclaim your mornings as well!

When you wake to a clean house with things already prepared and put-away, it's easy to relax in quiet contemplation. Those few moments before the family is awake, prepare your state of mind for the day ahead.

Quiet times of reflection never seem to happen if you're running ragged the minute  you jump roll out of bed. ;)

Don't forget the littles! An evening routine for kids is a great way to build their confidence!

Anytime you can instill beneficial habits in your young children, the more natural the flow of life will be for the entire family as they grow older.

Children thrive when they know the exact tasks expected from them. They feel purposeful when they contribute to the family. Why not set them up for lifetime success too?!

There are endless evening routine ideas! I encourage you to find the one that works for your family! Time spent preparing and planning for tomorrow will create the calm atmosphere you desire! 


As we are all busy today, don't let an evening routine overwhelm you.

Go with the flow!

The goal is to find the structure that helps, not creates more chaos. We need to find a balance. Find the number of tasks that help without adding stress to your night!

families and kids both will benefit from some structure at night!create your calm morning by getting chores done tonight

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If you need help with family management or home organization routines, please contact me! Also available as a personal, professional home organizer in the DFW areas of Grapevine, Roanoke, Coppell, and surrounding areas.

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