You need this simple day planner organizer in your life!

A little prep goes a long way for successful results and accomplished tasks! Organizing your day can be a simple way to get stuff done!Create your personal Day Planner Organizer to suit your needs!

A simple day planner organizer~ sometimes we all could use a little structure in our day! (go here for your downloadable day organizer planner- but read on for instructions)

I've often read that how you spend your days is how you ultimately live your life~ a sobering thought as many of my days seemed spent in a sea of unproductivity. Maybe you feel the same way?

Rather than go down the mental path of despair, I've chosen to change my thinking a bit. As a mom with four kiddos and an endless to-do list, I've finally realized that most of my tasks really don't matter much.

Five or ten years from now, my children won't care how much I stressed about decorating the perfect bathroom. Or that my spices were alphabetically aligned.

As long as the kiddos were fed and clean at day's end, I'm relearning it's OK if my list remained somewhat incomplete! 

Relax~ take time to enjoy the simple things! Your stuff will get done! (Photo by Giftpundits dot com)

Somewhere along the way, I've read statistics showing to-do lists often cause more stress than the good they may accomplish. While it's GREAT to get things on paper and out of your mind (and something I highly recommend), a little grace goes a long way.  

Contrary to popular belief, timelines are of little importance for many goals. And no, not talking about the necessities of life here (such as feeding the family).

I used to keep endless day planner organizers full of all the stuff that I NEEDED to complete. And preferably RIGHT NOW, this week. 

But, every time I saw all the uncompleted tasks, I felt like a failure. 

Who has time for those feelings? We have enough to worry about without adding pressure to ourselves.

I've turned over a new leaf toward simplicity and guilt-free living. I use a day planner organizer like this to map out my days~ and leave lots of room for adjustment as the day progresses.

try this simple day planner organizer strategy in your life~

Instead of worrying about everything I think I need to get done, I choose THREE priority tasks as my goal for the day. (again, probably an idea I've read about~ if it's your idea, contact me so I can give credit to you!) I pick three and only three. If those items get accomplished, and I feel like doing more, great! If not, I enjoy my free time and relax.

We tend to be MUCH more productive when there is somewhat of a gameplan in mind. Three is a magic number for me and allows time for enjoying things I love, guilt-free.  

Are you the type of person that cannot relax until your chores are completed? Choosing just a few items (or any number you're comfortable with) creates a balance of work and play. Previously, I couldn't relax because my to-do list would never seem to be complete.

It's time~ pick your top three day planner to-do's to structure your day~

Give it a shot~ Spend five or ten minutes to map out your next day before heading to bed.  

Positive affirmations stating how you want to feel, prove to be very beneficial! Rather than dwelling on what you're not, or can't do, think about how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish. I am rested, or I am energetic~

Filing in the blanks of I am set the frame of mind to begin your day. I am... relaxed, joyful, peaceful... and many many more help your mindset and create your tone for the day. 

When you look at your roadmap upon awaking, your mind can focus on the good, long before the doubts overtake the day.

After contemplating how you'd like to feel, choose the THREE most important tasks YOU (not anyone else) would like to accomplish for the day. And sometimes if one job is more detailed than average (say it's tax season receipt organization time), pick just that ONE thing for the day. It's OK! You will still have accomplished something with no guilt!

It helps to write your tasks into the general timeframe (morning, afternoon, or evening) you'd like to achieve them, along with any obligations or meetings you have scheduled.

Meal planning sidenote: 

I know I am MUCH more productive with a food/meal gameplan in mind for the hungry mouths. I encourage you to jot down meal ideas to save last-minute dinner mind time.

I feel so much better when I have prepped meals a little in the morning, knowing I won't have to stop what I'm doing later in the day.

Relax, plan your day with ease~ you've got this mama!(Photo by

Go with the flow~

Of course, this is a very general day planner organizer that I hope will help you to be more focused throughout your day. Should you need something a bit more detailed, feel free to customize by writing a more specific hour by hour plan. 

However, relax, mama~ Go with the flow a bit and embrace each moment. Time is fleeting. What you once thought was THE most critical task needing accomplishing, you'll one day realize may not matter much at all.

If family productivity and household management are your nemesis, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or help! Contact me here~ 

Blessings to you!

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