It's time to put an end to your closet clutter once and for all!

Every minute you spend organizing your closet is well worth it!You CAN eliminate your closet clutter!

Is closet clutter starting your day off on the wrong foot?

At the time of this writing, the world is amidst the covid19 epidemic. These uncertain times have added to our stress levels. Why not utilize the extra time at home to examine what you'd like to improve in your life, and take steps to make it happen?

What do you desire? Order and simplicity? If your life is full of chaos from the getgo because you are searching for lost items in heaps of clothes, it's time to make a change. 

Navigating through closet clutter is no way to begin your morning! Ideally, you need the ability to view your clothes and have easy access to them. You deserve to start your day calmly!

Disorganization in our lives often stems from materialism.

We own TOO MUCH!

Our closets are bursting at the seams. 

Do we need ten different black pant sets? Thirty T-shirts? It's no wonder our brains are exhausted before we leave our bedroom!

Our brains are in overdrive because there are TOO MANY choices to make. Life should be simple. It's time to remove the unnecessary decision-making, so our minds can be more focused on the critical aspects of our day.

Time for Closet Clutter Action!

First, we must remove the chaos that closet clutter is causing.

Empty your closet! Everything!

It IS going to get worse before it gets better! You have to do it!

Take it all out and then deep clean your closet. You now have a blank slate to start fresh. Give thought to how you want to feel when you open your closet doors. Picture yourself feeling peaceful and relaxed because everything is in view. Envision beginning your morning in a calm state because you don't have to search for things. You CAN make this happen!

It's time to get rid of the piles! But, it WILL get worse before it gets better~ that's ok! One step at a time!

Now, it's time to eliminate the closet clutter, the items that do NOT belong in your closet. Miscellaneous children's toys, photos, memorabilia, etc. should not be returning if your wardrobe is limited in space! There are other storage solutions for them. Place these things that need to find another home into a box or a container for now. 

We are going to focus on returning only the NECESSARY items.

Consider additional storage if closet clutter is overwhelming you.

Need more space and short on money?

Sturdy, over-the-door organizers are a great addition to maximize closet storage.

Not all of us have beautiful designer closet systems. Make do with what you have- you'd be surprised how efficient and functional you can be!

Over-the-door shoe hangers can work wonders, as well as hanging shelves. Boxes or dresser dividers work well for t-shirts and undies, even if you don't place them inside a dresser.

I recommend shoe hangers made with CLOTH instead of plastic-  Our experience is that plastic, even though great to see through, doesn't hold up over time with heavy shoes.

Favorite way to store t-shirts~ easy to see in plain view!
Love keeping closet clutter at bay with hanging storage!

When we moved into our current home, we didn't have excess funds to purchase a dresser.

I found hanging shelves to provide the storage we needed and loved them so much we still haven't bought a dresser. 

Eliminate closet clutter in no time with drawer inserts!LOVE drawer dividers for socks and undies!

Now that you've added extra storage, it's time to think about the clothing, accessories, and shoes that deserve to return. Things most frequently used should be front and center, with easy access.

Is your closet clutter the result from owning too many articles of clothing?

Eliminate what no longer serves you by sorting and removing clothing you no longer wear. 

 What needs to leave immediately?

     • Clothes you didn't know you had.

     • Clothes that are torn or need mending.

     • Clothes with stains.

     • Clothes that are worn-out or faded.


We hold onto so many clothes and items because it's exhausting to make decisions. Instead, we make excuses. But, these excuses are costing our freedom and peaceful life. If you are struggling~ it's time to look at closet clutter differently.

Excuse #1~
Lay the I'll fit into it Someday
excuse to rest.

Be wary of the I'll fit into this someday excuse. The truth is, by looking at this item, ESPECIALLY if you see it every day, you subconsciously believe you are a failure. You didn't do what was required - hence you failed to get to the size you wanted. STOP that thinking! It's time to embrace the beauty YOU ARE right NOW! 

You will lighten your mind and make much more progress by sending it on its merry way. If you've had the article of clothing for quite a while, it is probably outdated anyway, or it will be when you think you can wear it again. 

By looking at the clothing you wish you could get into, you are clinging to the past. Instead, put the past in the past. We can't be a princess all our lives~ maybe it's time to embrace being a mature queen. Focusing on future possibilities will open yourself to new blessings. You WILL find new favorite clothing items and feel better instantly when you shed excess material weight in the form of clothes.

Excuse #2~
These clothes were too expensive~

Maybe you have spent a LOT of money on your clothes. 

But be honest- what good is it doing you if you have all the expensive clothes in the world and can't function in your closet? Just as advised in our letting go of clutter thoughts, consider blessing someone else~ donations to those that may not have as much as you will be returned double-fold! 

The weight of living in a disorganized state is NOT worth keeping something around just because it was expensive. Cut your losses, lighten your load by living in a calm state, and I almost guarantee 100% you'll never think of that item again once it leaves your sight.

Excuse #3~
But I NEED all of these clothes. I can't say good-bye to them.

It's time to simplify your wardrobe! 

Now, if you are a career woman and attending high profile meetings every week, you may indeed need a more extensive choice of clothing.

However, times have changed, and those chances are much smaller. Our society doesn't dress-up like we used to. Most of us work primarily from home or have relaxed, casual business attire needs.  Choose your favorite items and go from there.

Not all closet spaces can look like this. But, your goal should be to simplify your clothes enough that you wake to what inspires you when you enter your closet! (Photo by Nugroho Wahyu)

If there are so many clothes you can't slide your hangers, or your hanging rods are buckling in the center with excess weight, you have too much. SIMPLIFY!

Still not convinced? 

Think about this~ 

Have you worn everything you're holding onto within the last year? HONESTLY, have you?

If you own thirty dress shirts as well as dresses, you have enough tops to wear a different shirt every day of the month! Does your lifestyle need that much variety?

If you own ten pairs of black pants, which ones are the go-to pants that you would pick every chance? If you hold on to more than you wear, you're only adding to your closet clutter. Keep what you LOVE and say good-bye to the rest. If there is an artilce of clothing that you don't like ANY ASPECT about (it's itchy, uncomfortabel, clingy, etc), let it go!

Try these techniques if you are still having trouble~

Play a game- Quick! If you had only 10 minutes to save your clothes from a natural disaster and can only take what you could carry in one trip, what would you choose?

Another closet clutter buster game is one you may have already heard of~

Try the turn the hanger around game. 

Turn the hanger backward for items you just can't let go- yet. If the hanger is still backward after a set time, you know you don't wear the item!

Take those questionable items you just can't decide on and hang them back up (ONLY if they fit on your closet rod), but hang them up with the hanger turned the opposite way. After six months, if the hanger is still facing backward, IMMEDIATELY donate it! You don't wear it and don't need it!

Your issues with closet clutter can be solved! When all else fails- ask yourself if what you've been doing is working for you. If it hasn't, make changes. You won't regret it. What's the worst thing that can happen? Say you donate something you miss? In today's world, you can easily replace most items, even online, if you don't want to head to the store.

Please contact me with questions or ideas! I'd love to help you to bring order back into your life! Life's too short just  to get by!

Are you looking for your own Grapevine Professional Organizer? Contact me here for help in Grapevine, TX, and surrounding areas of Coppell, Southlake, Colleyville, and Roanoke. 

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