Easy breakfast meal prep for the best mornings ever!

It's the most important meal of the day they say! Prep breakfast in advance and start your day on the right foot!easy breakfast meal prep options anyone can do!

Breakfast meal prep will put an end to morning chaos. Just a few extra moments spent at night will return time double fold in the morning!

Our breakfast favorites vary with each season. Summer calls for light yogurt and smoothies, with egg cups, baked oatmeal, and muffins preferred in winter.

That said, go with the flow. If something doesn't sound yummy to you or the kiddos for the week, it probably won't be eaten~ wasted food won't help your goals.

Time to get your prep on!

Our top five tried and true, easy breakfast meal prep choices are~

drumroll please~

1.   Yogurt Cups~

Don't be fooled. 

The standard fruit-flavored yogurt cups marketed as a healthy choice, aren't as healthy as you think. Though quite yummy and convenient, sadly, their sugar contents are sky-high. Starting your day off with elevated blood sugars leads to the sluggish brain fog we often experience, along with other harmful side effects.

Solution: Use the following yogurt hack to nourish your body! It tastes just as good, if not better~ and your body will thank you!

Premade yogurt cups for the win!

Our yogurt cups are prepped in advance using unflavored, unsweetened, plain greek yogurt. Sweeten the yogurt with a natural sweetener. (I use liquid stevia and xylitol). If your yogurt is too thick for your liking, thin it with half and half, or milk base of your choice. 

For extra nutrition, I mix in Boabab powder (a superfood of superfoods!), some whey protein, and sometimes a little collagen as well. 

Top each cup with everyone's favorite fruit and granola, nuts, and chia seeds~ in any combo. (Add your granola in the morning if you want to keep it crunchy!)

(I love this granola recipe~ it's not loaded with harmful sugars! I premake a batch and store in the freezer to have on hand)

Yogurt cups for your instant breakfast!

It's that simple~ breakfast meal prep yogurt cups at your service! And soooo much more economical than the franchise smoothie bowl stores popping up!

2.   Overnight Oat Cups~

We all love these using our favorite in-season fruit~ especially fresh, local farmer's market peaches! 

Basically, in a jar, mix old fashioned oats, a milk base, some yogurt, fruit, natural sweetener, chia seeds and vanilla extract. Shake and refrigerate overnight. 

Overnight Oats for the win!

We set ours out on the countertop for a bit in the morning to warm to room-temp. 

There are a gazillion variations~ find the one that speaks to you and prep away! (this is our favorite)

3.   Smoothie Packs~

These are one of the easiest breakfast meal preps ever!

While I'm not a huge smoothie fan as a meal replacement, my teens love them. Somehow, I never feel full drinking one.

So many smoothie combinations! Find your favorite! (Photo by NielsBB--8277517)

Warning: Like store-bought, sweetened yogurt, traditional fruit smoothies aren't as healthy as you think. Usually, they're made entirely of fruit and prepared without a protein source ~ leading again to super spiked blood sugar levels.

Our solution: Minimize fruit additions high in sugar content (especially bananas), and add a protein source to lower the blood-sugar absorption rate.  (or whatever technical, medical term that is)   ;)

Prepare frozen baggies with your fruits and veggies for a quick grab out of the freezer. Also, have dry containers stocked up with pre-portioned supplements. Grab one of each, add your liquids, and blend away.

Freeze smoothie packs and portion out dry ingredients for an easy mix in the morning!

Our favorite combos~

Frozen bags:  Low sugar berry blends such as raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry, with a small slice of banana and handful of greens.

Supplement bags or containers:  A scoop of whey protein powder, some collagen, baobab supplement, and a natural sweetener such as xylitol or stevia.

Grab a bag of each and blend with a milk base, some ice, and cottage cheese or yogurt. Kefir is another excellent option to up your probiotics!

Slurp away!

4.   Egg Cups and Casseroles~

Baked egg casseroles are so easy to make ahead.  Eat fresh out of the oven. Cut leftovers into slices to store in the fridge for a few days or freezer for longer.

Baked eggs are a great way to prepare breakfast for the week! (Photo by TerriC--4014469)

We also love copycat sous vides eggs in our instant pot~ the perfect replica from the major coffee chain. If I make a double batch, they will last about 4 days in our fridge.  Just reheat in the morning.

5.   Muffins~ 

Muffins provide limitless possibilities for your breakfast meal prep!

Make any favorite muffin of choice and store in the freezer for a quick grab! 

Muffins will please all of the kiddos~ make ahead and freeze for longer storage. (Photo by Ela Haney)

Try to find a recipe lower in sugar and higher in protein for the best nutrition! Our family favorites are oat-based.

Breakfast Meal Prep for the win!Keep it simple!

Prepping your breakfast will help with your home organization efforts! When your day starts on the right foot, so much more can be accomplished~ your family will thank you!

Need more family organization ideas? Contact me!

Residing in the Dallas Ft. Worth area and looking for a professional organizer? Look no further!

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