Your birthday organizer~ CELEBRATE, don't stress the JOYful moments!

Take the stress out of gift-giving and birthday planning!Create a birthday organizer and special events will never catch you off-guard again!

Creating a birthday organizer system is a great way to celebrate stress-free gift-giving.

Birthdays arrive the same time each year- no surprise there.

And yet, they still have a way of sneaking up on us. We're often caught unprepared and filled with last-minute anxiety to find the perfect gift, instead of finding the JOY in the celebration.

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As for keeping gifts organinzed~ why not create a system to manage those happy celebrations instead of stressing at the last minute? 

The little time it takes to plan for future birthdays will allow you to be more relaxed and in-tune with what will truly bless your loved ones. In the long run it will also save your time, money, and help keep your sanity!

Sometimes, to be able to live IN the moment, you have to plan a little FOR the moment. 

As the number of friends and family members increase, so does the importance of preplanning, especially as budget constraints may come in to play.  Let's get started!

Grab yourselft a box! 

A birthday organizer system doesn't have to be complicated. If you've been following along on our journey, you know I'm a big fan of simplicity!  

Your gift and birthday organizing system can be as simple as a sheet of paper to write down gift ideas (free download here). Add a folder to store and organize cards, and a box or plastic container to hold your pre-purchased gift items, and you're well on your way to creating a manageable system.

Your container can be as elaborate as you'd like, or simply, head to your local dollar store for a budget option. Choose what works for your situation~ it doesn't matter what your items are stored in as long as they are together in one convenient place.

If you have the room, it's best to include including gift wrap supplies with your gifts. Don't forget tissue paper, ribbon, tape, scissors, and stamps. Save time by not having to search for these items.

A section of a closet or shelving is great for this, especially in a home office. Or, if you have little children running around, a better place might be a hidden corner in your master bedroom without their easy access.

No closet space? Try under bed storage. The longer, under-the-bed containers are quite usesful to easily store rolls of gift wrap.

The more people you have to buy for, the bigger the gift box should be. Also keep in mind who the majority of your gifts will be for- if it's children, you'll need more space to store bulky toys. You'll probably want a plastic container or box that you can't see through to hinder little prying eyes.

If most gifts are for members not living in your household, I'd recommend a clear container as it's beneficial to keep things in sight and be reminded of the contents you already have.

Your birthday organizer at your fingertips~

Once you have your birthday organizer containter, the next step is to think about who you will be sending cards to and buying gifts for throughout the year. It's now time to create your gift-giving game plan.

Download this birthday organizer PDF for your use. Either tape it to the outside of your box for your reference or place it inside your gift box.

Fill it out with upcoming birthdays and holidays (except for Christmas) that you'll want to purchase items for. A great time to get started on your list is the New Year when you're often already thinking about your yearly goals. Brainstorm general gift ideas, and then fine-tune your list as time passes.

Side note: I usually create a separate box and gift sheet for Christmas items as that's an entirely separate category for us. Click here for Holiday management ideas, and here for a Holiday Organizer PDF guide.

Don't forget to budget~

Now that you have some gift ideas, it's time to budget. What are you able to spend? I include budget amounts beside each name/gift on my sheet.  

Remember... going in debt for gift-giving doesn't mean you love the person more... 

Keep your eye open for sales throughout the year. Did you find the perfect gift at a must-have price? Buy it and put it away into your gifting box. This is a great strategy to keep little hostess gifts and teacher gifts on hand. When a last-minute occasion comes up, you'll know where to look without scrambling around.

It's time to organize your party!

If you have children or will be planning specific birthday parties, it's time to also think about party themes. It's very convenient to store party items as well in your box.

Download your party and birthday organizer here, as this is a great way to brainstrorm for your parties. Writing your thoughts on paper helps to empty the mind.

If you have a large party with lots of kiddos and decorations, or many party events to plan, consider devoting a separate container to each event.

I've found that the convenience of a centralized place to manage all of those Amazon decoration purchases to be quite beneficial~  if you're not careful, over-purchasing can quickly get out of hand...  ask me how I know...  which is WHY a birthday organizer system is so helpful!

Birthdays and parties are major milestone events for our families and loved ones. Why not simplify life by creating a manageable, organized system!?

Make the most of those special occasions, and create the loving memories you desire! Have any tips that have worked for your birthday organization? Share them with our readers below!

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