Successful back to school tips that will rock your year!

Focus on what's important as you head into the new school year!

Back to school tips~
It's that time of year again! Are YOU ready? It's OK! YOU'VE GOT THIS!

Here's a link to our Back To School Checklist printable!

Follow these back to school tips for your most successful school year ever!

Drumroll please~ let's begin with...


It's time to examine YOU!

Just as in our guide to home organizing, back to school starts with...  YOU!

The way YOU view your circumstances is the key! 

Your children will view school the way YOU do. It's so important that no matter how hard your situation seems, that you maintain a positive attitude. Make the best out of your scenario- that's what matters!

If you're calm and your home atmosphere is in order, your children will be peaceful too. If you're anxious and jumbled, you guessed it~ so your littles will be.  YOU hold the power to create the environement your family needs to flourish!

We live in unique times- but we DO have a CHOICE  in the way we react and guide our children. Speak positive words and LIFE!

If you need a mindset overhaul or are in a slump, click here for more ideas~


Just as YOUR mindset is a key, so are the surroundings where your children are learning.

Your children will probably be remote learning for a while, which makes your home organization all the more crucial.

Again, if their workspace is jumbled, their school work will tend to be too. Cluttered spaces tend to make it more difficult to focus.

Peaceful spaces create peaceful minds.

Don't worry if you are overwhelmed and can't tackle the entire house for an organization overhaul. 

Start by ensuring your child's workspace is in order, then go from there. 

Peaceful days begin with calm atmospheres!

Create a dedicated schoolwork area where everything is convenient, and everything has a place. Maybe it's time for some upgrades. A cabinet for supplies and a work desk for school work is a great place to start! 

Place the printer nearby for easy access and a shelf for school books when information is not available online. A central school center with essential items will save time and chaos, and help your family routine to flow!

Speaking of your organized home~ if you find yourself in a new homeschool atmosphere and are struggling to keep up with housework and have the means to do so~ HIRE OUT some of the work. Maybe a neighborhood teen is looking to earn some extra funds?

Back to school tips that involve food? Yup!


If your children are home, it's in our human nature to become a bit slack because there are no lunches to pack. 

Keep your day flowing with pre-planned meals!

I encourage you to continue the tradition of packing lunches, even if children are home. Many things can become a distraction throughout the day, and having a nutritious meal prepared in advance will be a Godsend by the time lunch rolls around. 

Remember~ meal planning is your friend!

Dedicate a snack drawer or container for school hour breaks only for special treats to look forward to.

Be sure also to have breakfast prepped and ready to get the day off on the right foot.

Check out these breakfast prep ideas!


Properly hydrated bodies keep our minds sharp. Begin each school day with a full container of icy water.

Kiddo's not a big fan? Add some enhancements- maybe some fruit like strawberries or peaches, or some cucumber slices for fancy spa water.

Stay AWAY from sugared soda's and diet pop- these options will NOT properly hydrate young bodies, and cause damage when blood sugars become unstable!


Allow time for diversions throughout the day.

For those times things don't seem to be clicking, no matter what angle you're coming from, it's time to change course.

Merely getting up for a change of scenery can work wonders. Do some jumping jacks, run around the house, stand on a desk (under supervision, of course, Dead Poet's Society fans anyone?)

Allow for breaks to freshen the mind!


The best way to start your school day on the right foot is to plan the evening before. Evening routines will work wonders to awaking to peaceful mornings!

Check here for evening routine strategies to incorporate some of these back to school tips. 


Now is the time to make sure laptops, computers, and internet issues are functioning smoothly.

Make your list of school supplies and purchase what you need. Being prepared will help calm any schoolday chaos.


Most of us have been on quite the lax schedule these past few months. It may be time to revamp and get into more of a school-promoting routine.

If you and the kiddos have become accustomed to sleeping until  a'hem.. you want to wake up, the first day of 8 am school starting will be quite a shock.

I highly encourage you to begin adjusting to earlier, regular bedtimes and early alarm wake-up times at least one week before that first day :) Trust me on this!


And last, but certainly not the least of our back to school tips...
The same applies to school as it does to home organization-

you. have. to. have. grace!

There are no perfect school days. 

If you find yourself a new homeschool parent this season, remember that learning is a process just like home organization. Things aren't always going to go as planned. There will be tears. When you can learn to go with the flow, life will become much sweeter!

Remember to BREATHE and take in each new experience! The season will feel long, but it will be the shortest season of your life when you look back. Make EACH moment count! 

Back to school tips for your best year ever!

An experienced mom's Back to School tips closing reflections~

Be present with your children during this season, for THAT is the UTMOST important thing you can do! Make each moment count so you don't look back with regret. There is no greater gift you can give to your family.

During our many years of homeschooling, I ALWAYS seemed to doubt everything we did. 

Now, twenty years later, our children have told us they were thankful for all those moments. Though there were many hard days, they were forever grateful for those times that brought us closer together. As a parent, I can tell you that is the greatest gift ever- to know the hard times were worth it in the end!

No matter what school season you are facing, I encourage you to give it your all! Your children are the future! Each morsel of hard work and preparation are the seeds you sow for the next generation, and worth every ounce of sacrifice!

You've got this!

Are you feeling stuck, no matter what stage you're in as you review these back to school tips? 

PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me here with questions!

If you're local to the Grapevine, TX suburbs, hire me as your personal, professional organizer~ now accepting new clients!

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