The back to school checklist for your best year ever!

Start your school year running with this back to school checklist!

Yes! Another back to school checklist~ I think I hear you groaning from my laptop. 

Bear with me here though~ these tasks will bring the order to your school year and to your zoo, that you need!

Before you begin with your checklist, check out these back to school tips to rock your year!

Living here in Texas, sometimes our seasons are a bit off from the rest of the country. While most are basking in the cooler temps of fall, we're usually still sweltering, sending our littles back to class in 100-degree heat indexes.

And so, while the rest of the country is bustling with new fall energy, we Texans tend to hibernate during August/September. Over the years, I've learned to work with our seasons and often find myself nesting during the lazy days of August. 

We make the most of the days by preparing our home for the fresh, clean slate of a new school year. You can too~ August prep makes all the difference to getting the school year off running!

When tackling your back to school checklist, always start with the essentials, then move on from there.

It may just be that you have NO time to finish anything above grabbing a box of crayons- AND THAT'S OK! We are ALL in crazy, different seasons in our lives~ go with it!

But, let's suppose some tasks actually get accomplished over and beyond the basics~ YAY YOU! 

Remember, if you aim for nothing, that's what you'll get. I figure that reaching for the moon and landing on a star is a better way to look at our situations.

Give it a try~ all the tasks you accomplish toward home organization goals and home management within your family will pay off multitudes in the future!

How do I make our back to school checklist? I think about what life will look like during the school year. I put items on my list that I don't want to have to think about or take away from my focus on school days.

This year is especially crazy! I want to be able to give all my energy to helping my teens navigate uncertainties instead of being absent-minded with worries about what's for dinner, and the Texas cobwebs in the corner when I turn on the lights.  (ew. spiders.)

And so, our back to school checklist is developed. 

Of course, you NEED school supplies appropriate for your school-aged children, and a calm, organized workspace for them to accomplish their school work. 

Begin with these necessities, then move on to the things that will make your life flow smoother. (Sidenote: the school supply list gets SO MUCH EASIER the older your children are- I promise!)

What things need to be taken care of that will help make your life easier this school year?

With the must-haves out of the way, focus on tasks that refresh and simplify your home flow, or invigorate you. **think- meals, cleaning, shopping, etc. 

I know I don't want to worry about groceries or our meals for the first school week. Easy, preplanned breakfast and lunches are all the more critical this year because the children will be home for a while. 

Check here for meal planning tips and
Breakfast Prep!

As a mom, I feel I can breathe easier (mentally AND physically) when the house (and refrigerator!) is deep-cleaned, curtains freshly laundered, and windows are sparkly.

I want my kitchen to flow without rummaging through every drawer in search of a missing lid.

Check out these thoughts on the dreaded Kitchen Clutter, and,
How to Organize a Kitchen.

If you have the means and lack of time- HIRE a service, teen, neighbor, or company to do a once-over in all the nooks and crannies in your home. You could even hire someone to clean your windows~ you will be AMAZED by how uplifting the mood in your home becomes when everything is fresh and clean!

Below is our personal Back to School Checklist!


     • make school supply list     
     • check school supplies already on hand
     • shop or order supplies
     • ensure devices are working and charged
     • create a school workspace


     • wash curtains
     • clean windows/light fixtures
     • deep clean fridge
     • make fall doctor/pet appointments


     • plan first week of school menu
     • cleanout disposable container drawer and plastic travel cups
     • purchase new food storage containers
     • order groceries/shop
     • make school snack containers
     • meal prep for breakfast, lunch
     • make and freeze dinners or crockpot ready meals

Download your checklist here!

Again when you find yourself short on time, always begin with the most important and work from there. There is no right or wrong here~ YOU get to choose your lifestyle! Do what works for your family!

IF YOU ARE TOTALLY at a loss where to begin this school year, I'd LOVE to help you! Been there right with ya!

Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions! 

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