Welcome to Order in the Zoo~
Let's start withYOU~

Since you've found us here, you're probably looking for HOPE-

You're searching for inspiration. You need ideas~ HOW do you make life work?

You're trying to tame your own zoo.

You're a busy mom or business-woman spending most of your moments just trying to make ends meet- striving every day to get around the clutter. And you're exhausted.

The daily routine of your family leaves you frazzled. An organized family, you ask? HA! Does that even exist? 

YES! I promise!

Daily life and home organization don't have to be complicated. I'm committed to helping you not just get through the day but also to THRIVE and EMBRACE all life has to offer. 

It's all in the little things, and you are NOT ALONE!

I have been in your shoes. And often, I still am. Home organization and family routines are a journey, rather than an end goal. LEARN from my/our mistakes.

Welcome to our zoo! Nice to meet you!

I'm Jen~ mom~ (and all the titles that go with mom), a travel enthusiast, lover of chocolate and coffee, and now, creator of Order in the Zoo~

Grab your favorite beverage and... relax! I promise, your laundry mountain isn't going anywhere  :)

Welcome to our own zoo!

Order in the Zoo was created somewhat by accident.

A born and raised country-girl, I've been a stay-at-home mama for 20ish years~ homeschooling four kiddos for many of them.

Through Order in the Zoo, I now help moms like you, and and families like yours, bring a bit of order back into your life.

As the world moves full-speed ahead, our family life with six is fun-loving and full~ 

We often laugh that we should have a reality show because there is ALWAYS something crazy going on~ complete with everyone's fair share of practical jokes.  Life around here is pretty much ... a zoo!

Dirt-bike injuries, sibling arguments, horse shows, political discussions, first-job turmoil... we have it all, with no sugar-coating.  And we love every minute. 

need I say more???

As mom, I know just how lucky I've been to be home during the children's formative years- not to be taken for granted.

But, what you don't see looking in from the outside, are the hard times ending with many shed tears.  Parenting isn't easy.  Nor is running a household efficiently.  Children aren't born with how-to manuals and there's not a one-size fits all guide for home organization.

We as women struggle with the high expectations of making home life flow, often on top of handling outside jobs.

If we can lower those expectations just a tad (whether they be self-induced or someone else's criteria), life becomes much sweeter.  Easier said than done...  I know.

I've learned an odd truth through those years.  In the end, none of those hectic, unorganized moments really matter at all.  Twenty years from now your kiddos aren't going to care that your canned goods were perfectly alphabetized.  I promise! 

However, what WILL matter are the memories you've made~
the dinner-table discussions... the little getaways... the games you played... the TIME you spent with THEM. If your days are instead wrapped up in clutter, disorganization, and no productivity, it's time to make a change.

the whole gang!

5 years ago we put the family to the test, so to speak.  A job merger caused a cross-county relocation.  Off to the Big D metroplex of Dallas, TX we went. Everything really is bigger in Texas~ especially home organization struggles!

We gave each child a box for their prized possessions, packed up our adult important stuff- you know, the dog and the computers, and drove from West Virginia to Dallas.  We moved to...  the box, as the kids called it.

4 kids, 1 dog and 9 months in a 2 bedroom apartment will teach you many ways to live simply~ and learn what's really important.

who knew you could find ways to store your dirtbike in your apartment 'box' bedroom... shhhhhh...... big mom sigh....

Thankfully we finally found a home in Grapevine, TX~  a Dallas suburb with a quiet home-town feel.  (Contact me if you're local and looking for a professional home organizer!)  And the new-chapter of home organizing began!

Moving will cause you to rethink everything. 

In retrospect, I've naturally had a knack for managing time.  I was always attracted to order, beauty and artsy items, and even as a child was always re-arranging a room or closet.  It was fun for me- as was this tremendous move. The idea of new beginnings and a fresh start is cleansing~ whether it be from a cleaned out closet or a major move. 

The kids still think I'm slightly crazy~ and they start running when I break out new organizing products, or hand them a bag because it's donation time!

hubby of 25 years

I'm constantly learning in each new chapter of life. Learning what is really important and finding new ways to make things work- and sometimes learning to just let things be.

If your house organizing is working for you- great!  Don't sweat the small stuff.  If it's not- there are solutions!  Let me help.

I certainly never thought I'd be pursuing the path of professional production and home organization- didn't even know it was a thing, but here I am :)  I'm working on all of my NAPO certificates~ which means I committed to the education that provides the best ways available to help YOU!   (not sure what NAPO is?  It stands for the National Organization of Productivity and Organizing Professionals)

Let's work together to create the environment your family deserves to come home to!  Even if you aren't local and able to take advantage of our personal professional home organizer services in Grapevine, Coppell, Southlake, Flower Mound, Colleyville and surrounding TX areas, please don't hesitate to contact me with ANY questions or comments!

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