Home Organization that works for YOU!

Home organization.   It's the trendy IN thing right now.  

You've binge-watched on Netflix and bought the best-selling books (still unread cluttering your shelf).

You're searching for the key that will at last, somehow, solve your organizational struggles once and for all.

Yes, those books and shows can be inspiring and offer great tips-  but sadly, they instead often leave a feeling of helplessness...

Spoiler alert.  Home organization can’t be completed in 30 minutes like the tv show.  What you don't see are the countless hours and the large team of workers and crews outside of the camera's view.  

Real-life organizing is a process, and sometimes a very long one.  

But, it's in that process, that journey, we find ourselves!

Practical Home Organization- enjoy the simple things like clothespins on a clothesline!Photo by Fancycrave.com

The journey takes different turns as we evolve into each season of our life.  Some seasons we have time to linger and hang clothes to dry in the sun and other seasons we're lucky to get the clothes clean at all~ neither season is right or wrong, just simply where we are at that time.

 If you've found me here in search of  pinterest-perfection, you're on the wrong site.  Yes, we CAN make your home pretty!  But YOUR pretty doesn't always mean alphabetized spice jars.  Sometimes just having the spice jars allocated to one cupboard IS  perfectly pretty.

Find your way to your perfect
home organization!

Social media tells us what perfection should be and how our home should look. And for many of us, we begin to feel defeated.

The truth is- we probably never will live up to these unrealistic expectations.  While pictures of the end results  look undeniably beautiful, too often, they're just not  practical

When you stop striving for home organization perfection, life becomes much much more rewarding~ and dare I say, easier!  Function over beauty is the winner every time~ but you CAN have both. There ARE ways to make your home beautifully functional, for your needs.

Learn how to keep ORDER in your ZOO!

The most efficient home organization is the organizing that doesn't set us up for failure~

For example, let's take  those clear containers we're supposed to empty our endless cereal boxes in to....  

...I doooon't know about you, but chances are pretty slim that a busy family will keep them organized, full,  AND CLEAN. (wait- what? you have to waaash them??) Opening the cabinet to find empty cereal containers that can't even be refilled because they're dirty is not the best way to start the morning. Been there.

BUT- we CAN find a solution that WILL work!

Photo by OvidiuCreanga

Don't be discouraged.  You CAN change your thinking and re-train your habits to find PRACTICAL ways to organize your home. You'll also find your time will be reclaimed in the process. And just because it may not be so-called picture-perfect, doesn't mean it's not YOUR perfect! 

I'm here to help you find what home organization methods WILL work for YOUR needs. 

Order in the Zoo isn't here to encourage you to throw everything out and become a minimalist.  Our home organization philosophy is to find the ways that will enable your home and your stuff work for you- if you TRULY love it all and we can make it function without bursting at the seams- great!  If there simply isn't enough room, it's time to re-evaluate. 

It's time to invest in yourself and your family!

Proper home organization will allow you to focus on what really matters- and truly enjoy all life has to offer.  You owe it to yourself to stop wasting your precious mind time on your disorganized state and refocus on what really matters.

Stop just getting through the day and start thriving!

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